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All VIA buses are equipped with bike racks capable of carrying two or three bikes at a time, so you and your bike can go anywhere VIA goes. And beyond. To work. To school. To town. Even out of town.

VIA's Bike & Ride Program creates new links to places not easily reached on your bike. Quickly. Safely. Conveniently.

Bikes, like buses, are environmentally responsible modes of transportation. Utilizing both helps to promote our city's air quality, relieve traffic congestion, and move people faster. And that's what VIA's all about.

Guide for Riders Using Bicycles
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Back Rack Tips

  • The bike racks on VIA buses hold two bicycles at a time. Space on the bike racks is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and bicycles are not allowed inside the buses. If you have a bicycle and the rack is full, then wait for the next bus.
  • Be careful when you step off the curb to use the rack. Make sure the bus operator sees you as you are loading and unloading your bicycle, and let the operator know when you are done.
  • Remove items that may interfere with the bus equipment or as directed by the bus operator. If you have large or bulky items on your bicycle, you may be asked to remove them if they interfere with the safe operations of the bus. If so, carry the items on the bus with you.
  • Load closest to the bus first. If there are no other bicycles on the rack, place yours in the slot nearest the bus with the handlebars toward the curb. The next bicycle should then be loaded with the handlebars facing away from the curb. Remember, the hook goes over the front tire, not the rear.
  • Load and unload bicycles as quickly as possible. The bus still has a schedule to keep, and other passengers are relying the transportation VIA provides. As a courtesy to your fellow riders, try not to hold up the bus when putting your bicycle on the rack or taking it off.
  • When exiting, use the front doors and let the operator know you will be getting your bicycle. Again, make sure the bus operator sees you and knows you are taking your bicycle off the rack.
  • Close an empty rack. If your bicycle is the only one on the rack when you unload, close the rack by lifting it up until it locks.
  • Bus operators are not allowed to assist with the loading or unloading of bicycles. VIA provides the space, but it is up to you to put your bicycle on the rack and take it off again, and it is up to you to keep track of it.
  • VIA is not responsible for injury or damage arising from the use of the bike racks. Just like any other bike rack in the city, the equipment on VIA’s buses are there for you to use, but use them at your own risk.
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