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Route 51 Nogalitos serves the South Side of town along Nogalitos Street. Just past Zarzamora Street the route hops onto Somerset Road, and then it turns onto Barlite Boulevard to serve the Southwest General Hospital. The route continues to the other side of IH-35 to make a stop at the Senator Frank L. Madla Transit Center and Training Facility.

Route 51 also has an extended trip in the morning and in the evening on weekdays to serve the Kings Point area in southern Bexar County.

The Madla Transit Center was opened in June 2008, and it is the first facility of its kind on the South Side. The center includes an information center with an air-conditioned waiting area, a ticket window, vending machines, restrooms, and real-time bus arrival displays. Next door to the passenger area is a training center for new VIA bus and van operators. The facility was dedicated to the memory of Senator Madla to honor his efforts to promote public transportation in San Antonio.

The Madla Transit Center is also powered by the sun. VIA sought to develop a solar power system for the facility as a way to reduce emissions and energy consumption, and the design of the transit center provided an opportunity to showcase solar technology. The angled roof of the customer service building provides a southern exposure that is ideal for the insolation of solar panels. The power system, which has been online since July 2008, was a custom installation, and it provides enough power to light up the facility. VIA still relies on power from CPS Energy at night and to run the air conditioning, but on low-use days the Madla Transit Center actually provides enough power to put back into the CPS grid.

Quick facts about route 51 Nogalitos:
Type of service: Metro
Interlined with route 14
First trip begins at 4:16 a.m. at the Madla Transit Center
Last trip ends at 1:21 a.m. at Navarro Street and Villita Street
Late night lineup pair: none
Late night lineup extent: Lineup route goes down to Navajo Street and IH-35, but does not continue on to the Madla Transit Center before heading back toward downtown.
Saturday and Sunday service available

(all information current as of December 5, 2008)

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