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Buster the Bus

Buster is taking a leave of absence for a few months, and we will not be able to accept any appearance requests at this time. Please check back with us in October 2014

Many San Antonians remember the VIA Buppets from the 1980s, and Buster was the first of the bus-shaped puppets to help the new transit agency reach out to the community. The Buppets appeared in television commercials and at public events to promote the benefits and ease of riding public transportation.

Buster is now VIA's official life sized mascot and he is going strong! He makes public appearances regularly and has hobnobbed. and rubbed shoulders with such famous local personalities as Rey Feo, H-E-Buddy, and the Spurs Coyote.

Buster visits schools, community events, special functions, and other neighborly gatherings to keep spreading the message that riding the bus is fun and safe.

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