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Fares for Students


You can do it all with VIA’s Semester Pass.

It’s Economics 101. With VIA’s Semester Pass, you pay $38 and get all this:

  • Unlimited Rides All Semester
  • No Parking Fees
  • Free 4G LTE WiFi

What can I do with my $38 VIA Semester Pass?

You can Save Money, Study for Class, and Surf the Web. We’ll Drive.

  • Unlimited Rides All Semester
    Use your pass and ride anytime on any regular service bus throughout the system. Valid for fall semester (Aug. 1 to Jan. 31) or spring semester (Jan. 1 to July 31).
  • No Parking Fees
    Save money. Save time. With a Semester Pass, you spend just pennies a day and never worry about parking
  • Free 4G LTE WiFi
    Surf the web, work, keep connected, and stay social with free WiFi on every bus.

Who qualifies for a VIA Semester Pass, and what's needed to get one?

  • Students enrolled in grades K-12 qualify with:
    –– A valid school or VIA student photo ID,
    –– Proof of registration, and
    –– Required forms available at their school office.
  • Studnts enrolled at a local college, university or trade school qualify with:
    –– a valid school or VIA student photo ID,
    –– proof of registration/enrollment in an accredited college/university degree plan, or trade school curriculum program, and
    –– proof of paid tuition.

Where can I get a VIA Semester Pass?

  • UTSA and Alamo Colleges* students can get their pass on campus.
    –– Semester Pass is included in the tuition for Alamo Colleges students.
  • Passes are available at any VIA Information Center.

No school photo ID?

Get one at the VIA Metro Center, 1021 San Pedro Ave., for just $2.

You have smart options.

  • Student Reduced Fare ID Cards are available at no cost for qualifying student.
  • With this card students can buy VIA passes (excluding Semester Pass) at half the price or pay half fare each time you ride regular bus service or Special Event Park & Ride Service.
  • A valid card must be shown when boarding the bus to receive the discount.

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