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Joint/Transit Oriented Development


As part of a holistic approach to developing a more robust multi-modal transit, VIA is exploring joint/transit oriented development options that will reinforce the opportunity for agency revenue at transit facilities, augment the tax base in the inner city, and provide a range of housing options near transit.

Program Description

The VIA Joint development Program is designed to secure the most appropriate private and/or public sector development that is physically or operationally related to VIA's transit facilities.

Program Goals

VIA’s joint development program seeks to:

  • A. Provide transportation related services and conveniences;
  • B. Provide pedestrian oriented development and create a sense of place around a transit facility that is compatible with the nature, scale and culture and character of the surrounding community;
  • C. Include a mix of uses that will enhance land use and economic development goals of the immediate and surrounding communities, and regional development plans;
  • D. Achieve the highest levels of quality in terms of urban and architectural design;
  • E. Generate economic development benefits through job creation and additional revenue for the local economy;
  • F. Reduce auto use and congestion through encouragement of transit-linked development; and
  • G. Promote involvement of local interests in the location, design, function and operation of joint development to the extent reasonable and appropriate.

Project Evaluation

In order to determine whether a project supports the purpose and goals of the VIA Joint Development program, the evaluation of each project will include an examination of:

  • Land Use classifications
  • Ridership Enhancement
  • Planning & Design
  • Zoning designations
  • Vehicular/Multi-modal LOS
  • Economic Development
  • Density
  • Pedestrian Activity
  • Revenue Generation
Joint/Transit Oriented Development Extras
San Antonio Downtown Transit Plan - Aug 2011

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