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Board of Trustees

VIA is governed by a Board of Trustees with eleven appointees. Board members are appointed to staggered two-year terms by the following entities: San Antonio City Council (appoints five), Bexar County Commissioners Court (appoints three), and the Suburban Mayors (appoints two). The Chair of the Board is elected by the Board members and serves a two-year term. The 11-member VIA Board of Trustees meets monthly to discuss policy issues and hear comments from the community. VIA Board meetings are generally held on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

The current VIA Board of Trustees

Henry R. Muñoz, III, Chair Alex Briseño, Chair
Elected by VIA Board of Trustees
Douglas Poneck Douglas Poneck, Vice Chair
City Appointee
Lou Miller Lou Miller, Secretary
City Appointee
Steve P. Allison Steve P. Allison
Greater Bexar County Council of Cities Appointee
Dr. Richard Gambitta Dr. Richard Gambitta
County Appointee
Marc Harrison Marc Harrison
City Appointee
Gerald W. Lee Gerald W. Lee
City Appointee
Bill Martin A. David Marne
Greater Bexar County Council of Cities Appointee
Katherine Thompson - Garcia Katherine Thompson - Garcia
City Appointee

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