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Innovation and Planning

Our City's Transportation Future

Our city's transportation future is moving forward in an exciting way. SmartMove is taking action now. It will touch every corner of San Antonio to continue transforming us into a vibrant city that runs on exceptional public transportation.

SmartMove is a 5-Year Plan

SmartMove is a 5-year plan created by VIA, local and national transportation firms, city officials and the San Antonio community. The plan aims to develop three transit centers, a park and ride facility, and improved downtown patron amenities. SmartMove is part of VIA's Long Range Plan . This collaborative vision will make San Antonio public transportation something to be envied by cities across the country. Our city's future is headed along an innovative path, and SmartMove is how we'll get there.

To learn more about the SmartMove initiatives visit VIASmartMove.com or select from the projects below:

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