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Other Innovative Initiatives

VIA announced an agreement with CPS Energy to become the first public agency in San Antonio to get 100 percent of its power from Windtricity, removing approximately 7,180 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

New Environmentally-Friendly Vehicles

Air quality is an important concern in South Texas, especially on hot summer days when conditions are ideal for the formation of ground-level ozone. VIA recognizes its role as a steward of the environment and works diligently to reduce its fleet emissions where possible.

Periodically VIA purchases new buses to replace aging vehicles, and each new bus solidifies the company’s commitment to reducing pollution by meeting or exceeding the latest standards from the Environmental Protection Agency. With some recent actions, VIA has moved into new territory with innovative revenue vehicles that run on alternative power sources.

VIA recently purchased three all-electric buses that are in service in the downtown area. The buses circulate through downtown, and they will be recharged at VIA’s Robert Thompson Transit Station at the Alamodome. This station can recharge a bus in ten minutes, so they can be back on the road in no time at all. More

In May 2010, VIA introduced the first of the alternatively-powered vehicles with the unveiling of four buses that run on compressed natural gas, or CNG. These buses, which were manufactured by North American Bus Industries, have been put into service on the Yellow Streetcar route to help reduce fleet emissions and maximize exposure in the downtown area.

VIA received funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, or ARRA, to pay for the CNG buses.

VIA has also acquired 30 new diesel-electric hybrid buses built by New Flyer. These buses are in service along VIA’s express routes to help daily commuters reduce the city’s overall fuel consumption while cutting back on emissions. The hybrid buses are equipped with extra amenities such as reclining seats, overhead storage, and individual lighting.

Embracing Technology

VIA has embraced technology to bring real time "Next Bus" information to our customers at some stops and has partnered with Google to provide improved online bus trip planning. VIA’s new hybrid buses are equipped with wireless internet connections, as are the agency’s information centers.

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