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Poetry on the Move

Poetry on the Move

8th Annual Poetry on the Move Contest Information

VIA Metropolitan Transit holds an annual poetry contest each fall called "POETRY ON THE MOVE". The winning poems are placed on our buses and vans for passengers to enjoy during April, which is National Poetry Month. The contest is held early to allow time to coordinate with local teen youth art programs to create illustrations for the poems.

Poetry submissions are accepted once the contest is officially announced. The contest is open to poets from South and Central Texas who are at least 18 years of age. One to three poems may be submitted, and each poem should be no longer than 10 lines, including title and spaces. Further details are available at the time of contest.

To get the youth involved, an additional ten poems are selected from the San Antonio Public Library’s “Young Pegasus Program”. These poems are also displayed on our fleet in April.

The winning poets are recognized at a VIA Press Event, and they perform a reading at a local book store.

For more information on this annual poetry contest, contact VIA. You can view winning poems from each year here .

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