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Accessible Transit Advisory Committee

Accessible Transit Advisory CommitteeVIA is seeking bus and van riders to serve on the VIA Accessible Transit Advisory Committee (ATAC). The ATAC was created by the VIA Board of Trustees to study and review issues concerning the accessibility of VIA programs and services.

The ATAC includes five VIA Trustees, each of whom is a voting member, and several VIA staff who provide information and assistance.  Meetings last 1 ½ – 2 hours and are held at VIA three or four times during the year.  ATAC also includes seven “Community Liaison” members, chosen for their knowledge and experience about transportation issues which affect older adults and individuals with disabilities.  Three of these positions are reserved for transit users, and the other Liaisons represent agencies which serve the disability and older adult communities. Staff and Liaison members participate in discussions and respond to questions from VIA Trustees.

ATAC currently has openings for two of these positions:

  • a person who travels in a mobility device (wheelchair or scooter)
  • persons who have a visual impairment, and
  • persons who who have intellectual disabilities

If you would like to be considered, please complete the form below.  When estimating weekly travel, whenever you go somewhere – like to a grocery store – and then come back home, that round trip counts as two trips.  “Local organizations” means religious or educational activities, neighborhood associations and civic, volunteer or advocacy groups.   For the last two questions, please tell us in your own words why you are interested in the ATAC and how you can help other ATAC members to understand disability and age-related transportation problems and opportunities.

After you have completed the questions, press the “ENTER” button to submit your application for consideration.  Applications must be submitted no later than Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019.

If you prefer to download and complete a written application, click here. Please call the VIA Accessible Services Department at (210) 362-2140 if you have any questions.