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Cooling Centers

HOW TO: Connect via VIA to Local Cooling Centers

Cooling Centers are being offered throughout San Antonio to provide residents relief from extreme heat—usually when temperatures exceed 100 degrees. VIA will provide fare-free service to and from local Cooling Centers as long as they remain open.


Image: Cooling StationsComplimentary trips are available on any regular VIA, VIA Link or VIAtrans service for people who need a ride to a cooling center in their area.

VIA BUS passengers should inform the operator they are traveling to a cooling center when they board.

VIA LINK passengers are encouraged to book their trip by phone and alert the booking agent they are traveling to or from a Cooling Center. Please also inform the operator when boarding. Call (210) 655-Link [5465] to reach a VIA Link agent.

VIAtrans clients are allowed to make same-day reservations for cooling center destinations only. Passengers must already be registered VIAtrans clients to use this service. Anyone requiring assistance to travel and are not VIAtrans clients should call 311 to arrange transportation.



Download the free VIA goMobile+ app

Call our GoLine at (210) 362-2020.

VIAtrans customers can book their trip by calling (210) 362-5050 for assistance.

Trip Planning – Via’s Personal Trip Planner can help you find a bus route to your nearest cooling center.



There are currently more than 30 San Antonio locations that are open to the public as cooling centers. Click the link below to find one near you.

Cooling Center Locations



  • When does VIA offer free rides to cooling centers?

    VIA will offer fare-fare free services whenever the City of San Antonio Cooling Centers are open. Call 311 to learn when Cooling Centers are open in your area.

  • How do I find my nearest cooling center?

    For locations and times visit the Cooling Centers Page on the City of San Antonio web site. The interactive map lets riders search by zip code.

  • Who qualifies?

    Any person who would like to go to a Cooling Center can ride fare-free on VIA. Simply notify the operator that you are traveling to a Cooling Center when boarding.

  • What services offer free rides?

    VIA will offer fare-free service to Cooling Centers on VIA bus routes, VIA Link service within designated zones, and VIAtrans* service.

    *Passengers must be registered VIAtrans clients. Persons needing travel assistance that VIA cannot immediately provide should call 311.

  • Can I also get a ride home with VIA?


  • Can VIA pick me up at my residence?

    VIA Bus and VIA Link service to cooling centers will operate per usual and are not door-to-door services. Passengers should use existing bus stops or VIA link virtual stops for their trips. VIAtrans clients can book same-day trips, following the usual process.

  • Can I bring my pet?

    Cooling Centers are accepting pets. VIA’s normal guidelines apply when traveling to a Cooling Center. Animals are not allowed on VIA vehicles unless the animal’s purpose is to assist a person with a disability; or if the animal is traveling in an enclosed carrier.

  • Can I bring my wheelchair or walker?

    VIA’s normal Accessibility guidelines apply when traveling to a Cooling Center. All VIA buses are equipped with a ramp for wheelchair boarding. Riders must request an accessibility-enable vehicle when booking a VIA Link ride.

  • Can I bring food or drinks with me?

    VIA normal food and drink guidelines apply when traveling to a Cooling Center. Eating on a bus or other VIA vehicle is not allowed. Riders can travel with food that is properly sealed. Drinking beverages on VIA bus or other VIA vehicles is only allowed a spill-proof or screw top container.

  • What if I cannot use regular bus service because of a disability?

    VIAtrans clients can book same-day trips to a cooling center. Persons requiring accommodations that VIA cannot immediately provide should call 311 for assistance.

  • Where do I call for more information about VIA’s fare-free service?

    Riders can call the VIA goLine at (210) 362-2020 for more information about our services. VIAtrans customers can book their trip by calling (210) 362-5050.

  • Where do I call for more information about the cooling centers?

    Call the City of San Antonio’s information line at 311 or visit the Beat the Heat page on City of San Antonio website.