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We’re Making Your Safety Our Priority

The health and safety of our customers and staff is our top priority. Stay informed about VIA’s response to COVID-19 and how we’re working to maintain service in a safe environment. If you need further assistance or have any questions related to COVID-19, please call 210-362-2020.


  • 4/19/2022 - Face Covering Still Recommended by CDC

    Beginning Tuesday, April 19, 2022, VIA Metropolitan Transit will make mask wearing optional for customers and employees, following a court order Monday that lifted a federal mask mandate, previously in place for all public transportation vehicles and facilities.

    Ridership on VIA continues to increase as people return to work and travel to entertainment and social events.

    While masks are no longer a requirement, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to recommend masks to protect against the spread of the COVID virus, particularly in areas where social distancing is not possible. Customers and employees are encouraged to make decisions that are in their best interests.

    For the continued health and safety of the community, persons who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who is positive for the virus should not take public transit.

  • 2021: Jan-Dec Notices

    6/14/2021 – VIA Resumes In-Person Meetings Beginning June 15

    Masks will be required per federal order

    VIA Metropolitan Transit will resume in-person meetings, beginning with its June Board Work Session, set for 3 p.m., Tuesday, June 15. The regular June Board Meeting takes place at 5 p.m., Tuesday, June 22. Both will continue to be held in the VIA Metro Center (VMC) Board Room at 1021 San Pedro Ave. The return to in-person VIA Board meetings comes as Texas and San Antonio enter the next stages of recovery.

    The return to in-person meetings follows other governmental entities’ return to in-person open meetings and is in accordance with the Texas governor’s order for governing bodies to suspended open meetings until July 5.

    VIA’s enhanced safety protocols are based on the latest direction from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and federal, state, and local guidelines and policies. Sanitation stations are available throughout the meeting room for use by attendees.

    ATD and VIA Board meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of the month, unless otherwise noted. Meeting dates are subject to change. Visit for more information. VIA will continue to post the recorded meetings on and on VIA’s YouTube channel.

    5/27/2021 – VIA Opening Buses, VIAtrans and VIA Link to Full Capacity June 1

    Passenger limits will be lifted after more than a year of restrictions

    All VIA Metropolitan Transit buses and vans will return to full capacity beginning Tuesday, June 1. VIA is lifting the passenger limits instituted in April 2020 as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19. The change will apply to fixed-route buses, VIAtrans vans, and VIA Link vehicles.

    Customers and employees will still be required to wear a mask, according to guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and a mandate from the federal government that remains in effect until September 13. VIA will continue daily and enhanced cleaning of all vehicles and encourages the community to observe good hygiene practices, including frequent hand-washing and hand-sanitizer.

    The return to full capacity comes as Texas and San Antonio enter the next stages of recovery, with no local capacity limits on dining, retail or other public spaces or events. It follows route changes implemented in May that provide improved frequency and reliability on several routes.

    “We’re thankful to everyone who continued to make essential trips throughout the past year and are ready to welcome back all those who followed local guidelines and restricted their trips during the height of the pandemic,” VIA President/CEO Jeffrey C. Arndt said. “We’re able to take this step toward recovery for VIA and the community we serve because our customers and employees did their part to keep San Antonio moving safely.”

    When the pandemic reached San Antonio last spring, VIA asked passengers to make only essential trips, in keeping with local and federal health guidelines, and introduced safe capacity limits that capped bus ridership at 16 passengers per trip and between one and two passengers for van trips. When buses reached capacity, riders were asked to wait for the next bus to arrive. Extra buses were added to busy routes to reduce wait times while capacity limits were in place. A return to full capacity in June will mean shorter waits for passengers.

    In the months before COVID, VIA was tracking significant ridership increases systemwide for several consecutive months. A months-long local lockdown and essential route schedules and capacity limits in place, contributed to about a 50% drop in daily ridership in 2020. As conditions improve and schools and businesses reopen, VIA is ready to return to pre-COVID ridership with safe, frequent service options.

    4/6/2021 – VIA Continues Fare-free Trips to COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

    More than 1,900 passengers have taken VIA to City/County vaccine clinics

    VIA Metropolitan Transit continues to offer complimentary transportation for any person traveling to or from an appointment at a City/County-sponsored COVID-19 vaccination site—including the Alamodome, Wonderland of the Americas mall and others. Beginning Tuesday, April 6, persons age 75 and older no longer need an appointment to receive the vaccine at the Alamodome, according to a recent update.

    Since VIA began providing this service in January, more than 1,900 fare-free rides have been provided, including nearly 600 VIAtrans paratransit service trips.

    VIA will continue to provide complimentary transportation to vaccine sites, including regular bus service, VIA Link, and VIAtrans paratransit service, until further notice. VIA bus and VIA Link passengers may present their appointment registration in print or on their mobile device, and/or their COVID-19 shot record to ride fare-free on the day of their appointment. Registered VIAtrans customers must schedule their trip in accordance with VIAtrans policies and procedures by phone or online. Passengers eligible for this service should inform their driver when boarding. VIAtrans customers should notify the booking agent when making their appointment.

    VIA continues to provide safe, reliable essential trip options for persons who must travel during the ongoing COVID crisis. Health and safety precautions designed to slow the spread of germs will remain in place for all VIA riders and employees, including masks over the nose and mouth at all times, safe capacity limits on vehicles to allow for social distancing, enhanced cleaning and sanitizing of vehicles and facilities, frequent hand washing and other good hygiene practices. Customers are asked to only make essential trips during this time and avoid public spaces, including public transit, if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have recently been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the virus.

    If you plan to ride VIA to get your COVID-19 vaccine, here’s what you need to know:

    • Who can ride fare-free? 

    Any VIA bus, van or VIA Link passenger traveling in the VIA service area to a confirmed COVID-19 vaccine appointment at a designated City of San Antonio or Bexar County vaccination site. Persons age 74 and younger, please present your appointment confirmation in print or on your mobile device to the operator when boarding. You may also present the vaccine record provided when you receive your shot for the return trip. Registered VIAtrans customers must schedule their trip in accordance with VIAtrans policies and procedures by phone or online. Please mention you are traveling to a scheduled COVID-19 vaccine appointment when making the reservation. Persons age 75 and older do not need an appointment to access the Alamodome vaccine site. Please alert your driver when boarding or your VIAtrans registration agent when booking your trip.

    • When is the free fare available? 

    Persons age 74 or younger, on the day of your appointment. Persons age 75 and older, on the day you are going to receive your vaccine (no appointment necessary).

    • How do I know which route serves my vaccination site? 

    Enter the address into the online trip planner at or on the VIA goMobile app to find the most convenient route, or call Customer Information at (210) 362-2020.

    • Where can I find more information? 

    Visit or call Customer Information at (210) 362-2020 for assistance.

  • 2020: April-June Notices

    06/05/2020: VIA Link Safe Capacity Limit Goes Into Effect June 8

    Beginning Monday, June 8, VIA Link trips will have a “safe capacity” limit of two (2) riders per trip. This helps maintain social distancing and provides a safer space for everyone traveling.

    Up to three (3) passengers may be allowed for passengers traveling with a companion, such as parents traveling with a child or VIAtrans customers with someone to assist them.

    Once a VIA Link van has reached the limit, it can no longer accept new fares. A separate vehicle will be sent to pick up additional passengers in the area.

    Face coverings are still required for all VIA customers and employees while on board a VIA vehicle or at a VIA facility, where proper social distancing may not be possible.

    VIA Link is an on-demand transit service available in VIA’s Northeast Zone. For more information about VIA Link, visit or call (210) 362-2020. Check back on this page to learn about the steps VIA is taking to keep our passengers and employees safe.

    06/01/2020: VIA Offers Workforce Assistance Pass for Unemployed Riders

    While our community recovers from the social and economic effects of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, VIA Metropolitan Transit is providing safe, reliable transit options to help people get back on their feet, including a new fare assistance program for unemployed customers.

    When fare collection resumes on Monday, June 1—after a 10-week fare-relief period—persons who are unemployed can request VIA’s new Workforce Assistance Pass. The complimentary pass is good for 31 days from activation and is available for any VIA customer who presents a copy of their unemployment benefit statement (dated May 15 or after) and a current photo ID at a VIA ticket window during normal business hours.

    The program will continue through August 2020. Customers are required to follow social distancing and safety guidelines in place at all VIA facilities and Code of Conduct guidelines while riding, including requirements for non-exempt passengers wearing face coverings and rules against joyriding.

    Upon review of the customer’s statement of benefits and ID card, a pass will be issued using the free VIA goMobile app or on a VIA goCard. One per customer. Customers with extended unemployment benefits can request a subsequent 31-day pass by following the same process: presenting their updated statement of unemployment benefits and ID card with photo at a VIA ticket window.

    VIAtrans customers requesting Workforce Assistance Passes can contact VIA’s goLine at (210) 362-2020 for more information and instructions on how to apply for a pass via email.

    “VIA’s Workforce Assistance Pass helps put opportunity within reach for people who rely on us to provide safe, reliable transportation to get to training and look for work” VIA President/CEO Jeffrey C. Arndt said. “The services VIA provides are a lifeline for many in our community—every day and perhaps especially during a crisis. We are in this together.”

    05/17/2020: VIA Letter to the Community from President and CEO Jeff Arndt

    May, 17, 2020

    Moving people. That’s what we do.

    For over 40 years, VIA Metropolitan Transit has kept San Antonio moving when it matters most.

    Today, as our community rallies to support each other through the COVID-19 crisis, VIA is providing essential service for people who need to get to work, to get groceries and supplies, and get back home again safely. We’re here for you.

    During this time of change and uncertainty, we’re staying focused on what matters most: your health and safety. When COVID-19 hit, we acted quickly to put important measures in place for our customers and employees.

    We’ll continue doing all we can, including keeping the following procedures in place:

    • Cleaning and disinfecting buses, vans and facilities throughout the day, in addition to our regular nightly cleaning
    • Extending fare-relief period through May 31, for faster, safer boarding
    • Requiring employees and customers wear face coverings and providing one to passengers if needed
    • Promoting a safe capacity limit on buses and vans to help with social distancing
    • Putting more buses on busiest routes and adjusting schedules to maintain essential service
    • Protecting operators and other frontline employees with additional safety measures and protective equipment

    In the days and months ahead, VIA will continue to connect workers to jobs, students to training and consumers to goods and services to help speed our economic and social recovery. And while this crisis has magnified the challenges we faced before COVID-19, it has also put into sharper focus how VIA service is a lifeline for thousands of San Antonians, now more than ever.

    As we all adjust to a “new normal,” we still believe putting opportunity within everyone’s reach is the key to uplifting a community. That’s why we’ll keep fighting for the support and funding to deliver the service you want, need and deserve. And while we plan for tomorrow, we’re taking account of the many things we can be grateful for today.

    We’re thankful to all frontline workers, including our own VIA team — the bus and van operators, maintenance crews, police officers, customer care representatives and many others whose dedication throughout this COVID-19 season shows the true heart of public service. You have always been essential.

    Thanks also to our customers who have helped slow the spread of COVID-19 by limiting travel and following safety guidelines. You’re doing your part to help protect VIA customers and employees. Let’s keep it going.

    Thank you, San Antonio, for being a city that rallies for its neighbors. You are our inspiration and it is our privilege to serve you.


    Jeffrey C. Arndt
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    VIA Metropolitan Transit

    05/17/2020: Mensaje a la comunidad del Presidente y Gerente General de VIA Jeff Arndt

    17 de Mayo, 2020

    El transporte de pasajeros. Eso es lo que hacemos.

    Durante más de 40 años, VIA Metropolitan Transit ha mantenido a San Antonio en movimiento cuando más importa.

    Hoy, mientras que nuestra comunidad se ha unido para apoyarnos el una al otro durante la crisis de COVID-19, VIA sigue proporcionando servicio esencial para esas personas que necesitan ir a sus lugares de empleo, al súper mercado, y regresar a casa con seguridad.

    Durante este tiempo de cambio e incertidumbre, nos mantenemos enfocados en lo que más importa: su salud y seguridad. Cuando llegó COVID-19, actuamos rápidamente para implementar medidas importantes para nuestros clientes y empleados.

    Continuaremos haciendo todo lo posible, incluyendo las siguientes medidas:

    • Limpieza y desinfección de autobuses, camionetas e instalaciones durante todo el día, además de nuestra limpieza nocturna regular
    • Extender el período tarifas gratuitas hasta el 31 de mayo, para un abordaje más rápido y seguro
    • Requerir que los empleados y clientes usen cuberturas faciales y proporcionar uno a los pasajeros si es necesario
    • Promover un límite de capacidad segura en autobuses y camionetas para ayudar con el distanciamiento social.
    • Poner más autobuses en las rutas más concurridas y ajustar los horarios para mantener el servicio esencial.
    • Proteger a los operadores y otros empleados de primera línea con medidas de seguridad adicionales y equipos de protección.

    En los días y meses adelante, VIA continuará conectando a los trabajadores con empleos, estudiantes con sus estudios, y consumidores con bienes y servicios para ayudar a acelerar nuestra recuperación económica y social. Y mientras que esta crisis ha magnificado los desafíos que enfrentamos antes de COVID-19, también ha puesto un enfoque más directo en cómo el servicio VIA es importante para miles de habitantes de San Antonio, ahora más que nunca.

    En tanto que nos adaptamos a una “nueva normalidad,” todavía creemos que poner la oportunidad al alcance de todos es la clave para elevar una comunidad. Es por eso que seguiremos luchando por el apoyo y la financiación para brindar el servicio que desea, necesita y merece. Y mientras planeamos para mañana, tomamos en cuenta las muchas cosas por las que podemos estar agradecidos hoy.

    Agradecemos a todos los trabajadores de primera línea, incluido nuestro propio equipo de VIA: los operadores de autobuses y camionetas, los equipos de mantenimiento, los oficiales de policía, los representantes de servicio al cliente y muchos otros cuya dedicación durante esta temporada de COVID-19 muestra el verdadero corazón del servicio público. Siempre ha sido esencial.

    Gracias también a nuestros clientes que han ayudado a frenar la propagación de COVID-19 al limitar los viajes y seguir las reglas generales de seguridad. Usted está haciendo su parte para ayudar a proteger a los clientes y empleados de VIA. Sigamos así.

    Gracias, San Antonio, por ser una ciudad que apoya a sus vecinos. Ustedes son nuestra inspiración y es nuestro privilegio servirle.


    Jeffrey C. Arndt
    President y Gerente General
    VIA Metropolitan Transit

    05/15/2020: VIA Will Resume Fare Collection June 1

    VIA Metropolitan Transit will extend its fare-relief period through Sunday, May 31, 2020. Fare collection will begin again on Monday, June 1.

    Online sales will resume through the free VIA goMobile ticketing app and at Customer information and ticket windows will reopen on Wednesday, May 20, for pass and ticket sales. Click on the Customer Service Centers tab on VIA’s Contact page.

    The following health and safety measures will remain in place until further notice:

    • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures will continue for VIA buses, vans and facilities, including mid-day and overnight cleaning to ensure a safe space for customers and operators.
    • VIA will continue to maintain a “safe capacity” maximum load of 16 passengers at a time to promote social distancing and protect everyone on board. All passengers must be seated and exit through the rear door.
    • VIA will continue to operate its Essential Service Schedule that went into effect April 27, which adjusts bus routes and hours, moving several routes to a “Sunday” schedule and adding frequency to others that continue to see high ridership. For a detailed schedule list, please visit
    • VIA will continue to require all non-exempt passengers age 10 and older to wear a face covering to board a vehicle or access a VIA facility, where proper social distancing (6 feet apart) may not be possible. While supplies last, a face covering will be made available on vehicles for customers who do not have one. Staff and operators must also continue to wear a face covering while working or while at a VIA facility.
    • Temperature checks for all VIA employees entering a VIA facility will continue to ensure that staff members are healthy when interacting with the public.

    VIA will continue to take these extra steps and monitor developments, along with recommendations from local, state and federal health officials, to determine if additional measures are needed. Keep checking back on this page to see updates and learn more about what VIA is doing to keep customers and employees safe.

    04/17/2020: VIA Customers Required to Wear Face Covering Beginning Wednesday, April 22

    The City of San Antonio and Bexar County are now requiring everyone age 10 and older to wear masks/face coverings when in public places, particularly when proper social distancing is not possible. This includes public transit vehicles.

    While no local coronavirus cases have been linked to public transit use, VIA is requiring customers and employees to take the extra precaution in accordance with the local orders, for their safety and the safety of everyone who continues to make essential trips with VIA.

    Anyone not observing the City/County order may not be allowed to board or may be asked to exit the vehicle or facility, beginning Wednesday, April 22.

    Operators will remind any customer not wearing a face covering of the new requirement and signs are being placed on all buses, vans and facilities.

    Masks must cover the nose and mouth and be worn whenever a person cannot maintain appropriate distance, such as when aboard a bus. These can include face masks that are purchased or one of these acceptable options:

    Homemade cloth masks




    Customers should wear their face coverings while waiting at the bus stop, when inside a transit center or Park & Ride facility, and while aboard a VIA bus or van. The new order does not replace the need to maintain physical distance—at least 6 feet between you and the person next to you—whenever possible.

    VIA provides masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes to operators and maintenance staff who are supporting VIA’s expanded cleaning protocols, including mid-day and overnight cleaning of vehicles and facilities.

    04/07/2020: VIA Sets ‘Safe Capacity’ Limits on Buses Starting Wednesday

    Customers reminded to wear masks, skip a seat when riding

    VIA will implement a “safe capacity” maximum-passenger load of 16 riders at a time, beginning Wednesday, April 8. It’s the next of several steps VIA has taken to help protect passengers and operators while continuing to provide essential trips.

    VIA set a goal of decreasing passenger loads to allow for social distancing aboard buses when routes began running on a modified “Saturday” schedule this week. Drivers were asked to keep an informal count and called in to Dispatch for a “spacer” bus to be sent out on the route. On Wednesday, VIA will begin enforcing the 16-passenger limit and continue to send out additional buses throughout the day to relieve overages.

    Once a bus reaches 16 passengers, operators will display a message in the bus destination sign that reads “At Safe Capacity.” This will let customers know that the bus is at its maximum load for that trip and they should board the next bus. This helps maintain social distancing and provides a safer space for everyone traveling.

    Maintaining a safe capacity limit will further promote social distancing and protect everyone on board. A VIA bus typically carries 35-40 seated passengers. The 16-person limit would represent less than half of the seating capacity. Passengers will not be allowed to stand. Riders using walkers or wheelchairs can continue to ask for assistance when boarding.

    Local health and government officials, along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), now recommend that everyone cover their nose and mouth while outside their homes, including when taking public transportation. San Antonians are asked to wear a face covering while out in public.

    While no local coronavirus cases have been linked to public transit use, VIA is asking customers and employees to take the extra precaution for their safety and the safety of everyone who continues to make essential trips. Other measures in place, include:

    • Gloves, masks, hand sanitizer and wipes for operators.
    • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting program for vehicles and facilities, including overnight and mid-day cleanings of high-traffic, high-touch surfaces like doors, handles, rails, straps, stop buttons and seats.
    • Hand-sanitizing stations for customers and employees to use between hand washing.
    • Audio and visual safety messaging in English and Spanish for passengers.
    • Fares suspended through April 30 so customers don’t have to touch the fare box or crowd the door when boarding, to further protect operators and customers.
    • Removal of or restricted access to seats nearest to the driver.
    • Seat covers or signs reminding passengers to practice social distancing by skipping a seat.
    • Reduced routes and hours to maintain service for essential trips only.
    • Additional “spacer” buses on routes to help avoid crowding.

    VIA began implementing temporary service adjustments Monday, April 6, in response to lower demand for service, while maintaining essential service for those who must continue to travel.  Riders should only make essential trips during this time, and observe the city’s “Stay Home, Work Safe” order that requires residents in the area to shelter in place and practice social distancing in public.

    A detailed list of changes is available at Customers can plan bus trips on the VIA goMobile app or on Google by entering a trip date starting April 6. For assistance planning trips, call our VIA Go Line at (210) 362-2020.

    For updates and information about VIA’s response to COVID-19, visit

    04/04/2020: VIA Service Changes Start Monday, April 6 – Here’s What Riders Can Expect

    Temporary service adjustments begin Monday, April 6 when VIA routes move to “Saturday” schedules, with some reduced hours and routes. Riders should only make essential trips during this time, and observe the city’s “Stay Home, Work Safe” order that requires residents in the area to shelter in place and help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and practice social distancing in public.

    VIA will continue to run essential service for those who must travel for work at an exempted business or operation, obtain food and supplies, or help care for others. Maintain space aboard the bus whenever possible. See below for ways VIA is helping with social distancing.

    Here’s a detailed list of changes that go into effect Monday, April 6, and will continue until further notice. Note that VIAtrans and VIA Link will continue to operate normally.

    All routes will be on “Saturday” schedules Monday-Friday. Exceptions are noted below.

    • Route 616 will not serve the Trader’s Village extension.
    • Route 16 will not operate due to Joint Base San Antonio restrictions.
    • Route 65 will not operate due to Joint Base San Antonio restrictions.
    • VIVA routes 11, 40 and 301 will not operate.
    • Please note key route information below:
    • Route 4 will not serve the extension to Blossom.*
    • Route 30 will not serve the China Grove, St. Hedwig extension.*
    • Route 36 will not serve the Elmendorf extension.*
    • Route 42 will not serve the TJ Maxx and Losoya extensions.*
    • Route 97 will not serve the Talavera Ridge extension.*
    • Route 515 will not travel along Walters Street to serve St. Philips College and Fort Sam Houston.*

    Routes will run on their usual weekend schedules, Saturdays and Sundays.

    * Some stops may be served by other routes. See the list of affected stops and routes is available at or view MAPS of the route extensions that will not served temporarily.

    Customers can plan bus trips on the VIA goMobile app or on VIA’s Trip Planner powered by Google by entering a trip date starting April 6. For assistance planning trips, call our VIA Go Line at (210) 362-2020.


    • CHECK YOUR STOP. Riders who travel on routes 4, 30, 36, 42, 97, 515, and 616, should check if their usual Monday-Friday stop is in the “extension” portion of the route (listed above). Route maps will indicate which area is part of the extension that will not be served after April 6. Some stops in these areas will continue to be served by other routes. SEE SEARCHABLE LIST HERE. If you have a question or need help planning your trip, call the VIA Go Line at (210) 362-2020.
    • POCKET SCHEDULES ARE HELPFUL. Accurate information about Saturday service is included in your pocket schedules, often on the back of the brochure. Printed pocket schedules are available at transit centers, customer service centers, and Park & Ride facilities. You can also visit to use our online trip planner, download the free VIA goMobile app, or call our VIA Go Line for help planning your trip.
    • USE VIA’S NEXT-BUS INFORMATION. Text your Bus Stop ID Number to 52020 to get up-to-date bus information. The Next-Bus information will let you know if your bus will service that specific bus stop.
    • NO FARES NEEDED. No fares will be collected through April 30 for VIA bus, VIAtrans and VIA Link services. This is one of the ways we’re helping with social distancing. Customers don’t have to stop or touch the fare box or crowd the door when boarding. After boarding, passengers should quickly and safely take an available seat.
    • SKIP A SEAT. Seats near the front of the bus have been removed or restricted by locking them in their closed positions or marking them with a sign to help create a safer distance for passengers and operators. Most buses are already carrying fewer passengers as more people stay home. To help with social distancing, seats throughout the bus have been removed, covered or marked with signs asking passengers to leave some space by finding the next available seat. Persons with disabilities, or riding with a walker or wheelchair, can ask the operator for assistance finding a seat.
    • STAY INFORMED. Updates on VIA’s response to COVID-19 and related service alerts are posted regularly to

  • 2020: Jan-March Notices

    03/31/2020: VIA Moving to ‘Saturday’ Schedules, Extending Fare Relief Period Beginning April 6

    As more San Antonians and neighbors in our region remain at home under shelter-in-place orders, VIA plans to implement temporary service adjustments that reflect current ridership demand for bus service.

    While VIA ridership has declined during the past several weeks, we remain committed to providing essential service for riders who rely on public transportation to get to work, obtain food and supplies, or help care for others. We will continue to expand our cleaning program, using EPA-approved, hospital-grade disinfectant, for vehicles and facilities, while taking additional steps to help protect employees and customers.


    To continue providing travel options while adjusting to changing conditions, VIA will implement the following temporary service adjustments, beginning Monday, April 6, 2020, to include some reduced service hours and routes.

    • Under the adjusted schedules, all VIA bus routes will be on “Saturday” schedules Monday-Friday.
    • Routes will run their regular weekend schedules on Saturdays and Sundays.
    • VIAtrans and VIA Link will continue to operate normally.
    • Express Routes 6, 7, and 48 will run on the adjusted schedule.
    • Routes 4, 97, and 616 will have minor changes
    • Routes 16 and 65 will not operate due to Joint Base San Antonio restrictions.
    • Routes 30, 36, 42, and 515 will no longer serve the extended segments of the routes.
    • VIVA Routes 11, 40 and 301 will not operate.

    These adjustments will remain in effect until further notice.


    On March 21, VIA implemented a fare relief period to protect our operators and customers from close physical proximity while we are encouraging social distancing and help support many community members who use our services to perform essential tasks and duties. We are extending this period for VIA bus, VIAtrans and VIA Link services through April 30. Only essential trips, outlined in the “Stay Home, Work Safe” order should be made during this time.


    Riders may also notice some seats on buses and vans are closed to help keep a safe distance between operators and passengers, in accordance with social distancing guidelines. Passengers are asked to find a seat behind this section and maintain at least 6 feet of space between themselves and the person next to them whenever possible.

    Updates on VIA’s response to COVID-19 and related service alerts are posted regularly to Customers can plan bus trips on the VIA goMobile app or on Google by entering a trip date starting April 6. For assistance planning trips, call our customer care line at (210) 362-2020.

    03/24/2020: VIA Continues to Run Essential Service in a Safe Environment

    “Stay Home, Work Safe” Order Includes VIA as Essential Service Provider

    VIA will continue to provide essential service in a safe environment while we assess the immediate and long-term effects of the shelter-in-place order for San Antonio and Bexar County. We will determine if service changes or possible reductions will be needed in the coming days, based on several factors including ridership, and employee and customer safety.

    In the past two weeks, as business and other public activities began to slow down, we have seen ridership levels down by nearly 30 percent, making buses and vans less crowded and thus safer for those who must continue to travel to work, food distribution centers, and other necessary trips.

    We are urging customers to limit their travel to essential trips, as defined in the “Stay Home, Work Safe” proclamation effective at 11:59 PM on Tuesday, March 24, to include for example, health and safety activities, obtaining food, medical supplies or medication, obtaining supplies needed to work from home, obtaining necessary services, to perform work for an exempted business, or to otherwise carry out activities specifically permitted in the order.

    Long-standing and newly implemented health and safety practices, and social distancing, will remain central to our operation as part of our city’s critical infrastructure. Current measures include:

    • additional cleaning and disinfecting of vehicles and facilities
    • sanitizing supplies and protective gloves provided to our operators
    • removal or limited access to the seats closest to the driver’s seat on buses
    • fare suspension to limit interactions when boarding
    • information and instructions for safe travel, and other measures

    Per the City and County’s order, those who feel ill, are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, coughing, shortness of breath), or have come into close contact with someone who has, must avoid public spaces, including public transit, and alert their physician or a public health professional. VIA employees have been asked to alert their supervisor if they feel sick or have come into close contact with someone who has displayed symptoms.

    VIA’s staff who can perform their duties remotely have been asked to do so. More will begin working remotely, following the shelter-in-place order to limit interaction and promote social distancing.

    To date, about a dozen VIA operators have been screened at the pre-approved testing center since being included among first responders and health professionals who could be tested there.

    As of Monday, March 23, no VIA employee or operator has tested positive for COVID-19. We will continue to stress monitoring, self-reporting, and social distancing for all our employees in order to help keep our staff and community safe.

    Jeffrey C. Arndt VIA President/CEO


    City of San Antonio: To help prevent the spread of infection, wash your hands often and avoid close contact with people who are sick. Remember to stay home if you’re feeling sick, always cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

    Ciudad de San Antonio: Para prevenir la propagación de infección, lávese las manos con frecuencia y evite el contacto cercano con las personas enfermas. Quedese en casa si se siente mal, cubrir siempre la tos o estornudar en el brazo, y desinfecten objetos y superficies tocados con frecuencia.

    03/20/2020: VIA Fare Relief Period Begins Saturday, March 21

    Fare relief period will minimize interactions, and help protect passengers and operators


    VIA will implement a systemwide fare relief period for all VIA fixed-route bus service, VIAtrans trips, and VIA Link on-demand services, beginning Saturday, March 21, 2020. All fares will be suspended through 1 a.m. on April 1. At the end of the period, we will evaluate and provide an update for moving ahead.

    This is one of several measures we are implementing to meet our goal of maintaining essential service in a safe environment, providing some social distancing for our operators, and offering some relief for those in our community who have been impacted by recent events related to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

    We realize that public transit is a necessity for many in our community every day and perhaps especially during a crisis, including those whose work is essential during emergencies, or who may rely on transit as their only means of travel to workplaces, meal distribution sites, critical service centers, or other necessary trips.

    VIA operators, maintenance, safety and customer care teams have been hard at work to keep our customers moving in a clean and safe environment. I thank them and commend them for their dedication, professionalism and valor during these unprecedented times.

    In keeping with local, state and federal public health emergency guidelines and restrictions, VIA is taking this additional step to help minimize in-person interactions when boarding a VIA bus or van. Fare-free service eliminates the need for passengers to use the farebox, speeds boarding and minimizes crowding at the front door.

    We urge everyone to continue practicing good hygiene to help slow the spread of germs, including washing their hands frequently, sneezing or coughing into their arm, and avoiding public places if they are ill. Our customers and employees are asked to practice social distancing, which could mean staying at least 6 feet away from your neighbor when aboard the bus or in any other public space or avoiding unnecessary travel.

    In the coming days, VIA will continue to monitor developments and utilize every available resource to help secure the health and safety of riders, the public, and transit employees.

    Out of an abundance of caution and in keeping with recommended social distancing guidelines and requirements, VIA has canceled the March 24, 2020, meeting of the Advanced Transportation District and VIA Board of Trustees.

    We are continuing our enhanced daily cleaning schedule for buses, vans and facilities, using disinfectant for high-traffic areas and surfaces. We began implementing additional steps on March 5, including extra cleaning and detailing of vehicles and facilities, with special attention to high-touch areas like poles and handrails, straps, handles and stop request buttons.
    The health and safety of our VIA family remains a top priority. We continue to maintain safe, clean work environments. All staff are being encouraged to stay home if they feel sick. VIA’s leadership team is working together to support our employees and keep them informed of developments.
    Simple, effective safety messages developed by the Centers for Disease Control were added to common areas in our offices, customer service areas and bathrooms in our public facilities, and aboard our vehicles. We also shared these messages with employees and customers on our website and social media channels.
    Employees and customers are encouraged to practice regular hand washing, use hand sanitizer between washing, avoid touching their face, and cough or sneeze into their arm to help stop the spread of germs. Hand sanitizer and wipes are available for our bus and van operators, and hand sanitizing stations are set up at our office buildings and facilities. We have asked our employees and customers to stay home if they feel sick and to follow guidelines from local health officials.


    We activated an internal task force to continually assess developments and determine next necessary steps to continue to keep our community safe. Our senior leadership team has met daily with safety and operations staff to prepare and address the rapidly changing situation.

    We are in constant contact with local, state and federal emergency response officials as well as transit industry partners throughout Texas and nationally, to ensure we’re monitoring impact and collaborating on best practices.
    We’re working closely with City and County officials and following their guidance on recent developments for COVID-19, which include social distancing measures for our employees, avoiding large gatherings, and minimizing or avoiding contact with anyone displaying symptoms of respiratory illness whenever possible.


    Everyone is encouraged to use the VIA goMobile app when planning and booking a trip. The free app is available on Apple and Android smart phones. It can be used to pay fares before boarding, which can cut down on interactions like exchanging money or swiping fare cards. Limiting in-person interactions as much as possible is recommended by health officials to help stop the spread of germs.


    You should have confidence that when you ride with VIA, the buses, vans and transit facilities are being kept as clean as possible with daily sanitizing and disinfecting. There are some things you can do to help keep a safe environment for everyone:

    • Persons who feel ill or have been in contact with someone who has displayed symptoms of respiratory illness, like fever or coughing, are asked to avoid public places, including public transit, and contact their physician.

    • Practice “social distancing.” That means avoiding unnecessary trips and, whenever possible, leave at least 6 feet between you and your neighbor while out in public.

    • Cough or sneeze into your arm and avoid touching your face unnecessarily.

      Image: VIA Bus on Road

    • If you must travel, please wash your hands often. Our transit facilities offer restroom facilitieswith hand-washing stations and most are equipped with hand-sanitizing stations for use between washing. If soap or sanitizer supplies are running low, please alert a transit center customer service representative.


    We are following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, State, City and County leaders. There is currently no significant impact to VIA operations.
    VIA will continue to analyze its operations and consider possible modification of services with guidance from City and County officials and the impact of personnel availability. We have developed continuity of operations plans. Should there be a need to modify service or fare policies we will share these updates on our website, send to local media and publish to our VIA news alert subscribers. To sign up for alerts, please visit
    As always, we appreciate your patience and support as we continue to serve our community.

    03/12/2020: CDC Information – Stopping the Spread of Germs

    Here are some helpful graphics from the CDC (click to see full size):

    Image: CDC Stop Germs GraphicImage: CDC Wash Hands Graphic

    03/08/2020: Message from President and CEO Jeff Arndt
    Image: VIA President and CEO Jeff Arndt
    For more than 40 years, VIA has served San Antonio and Bexar County with the daily goal of connecting our community with safe, reliable public transit. Because VIA is the primary source of transportation for many in our community, we are maintaining service and providing a safe environment for customers and employees, while addressing recent public health concerns.

    Our thoughts are with those who are being affected by this unprecedented event. We are especially proud of our VIA family and grateful to VIA bus and van operators, maintenance crews, transit center support, and safety and security teams, who are on the front line daily to keep us moving. We want to thank them for their dedicated service and thank our customers for putting their trust in VIA as we all adapt to these challenging times.

    We also appreciate the healthcare workers, public service providers, and local leaders who are working to contain the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Below is an update on what VIA is doing, with your safety at the top of mind, and what you can do to help.

    Jeff Arndt, VIA President and CEO

    03/08/2020: VIA Stepping Up Its Cleaning Schedule for Buses and Facilities
    Vehicles and Transit Centers are being disinfected throughout the day

    Image: VIA Maintenance Staff cleaning Centro PlazaIn addition to cleaning buses daily at the end of every run, VIA Maintenance Staff has been stationed at Transit Centers, boarding and disinfecting buses while the vehicles are on their regular routes.

    In response to recent health concerns surrounding the spread of respiratory illnesses, VIA is taking extra precautions to ensure that vehicles and facilities are kept safe and clean for public use. While there have been no cases of COVID-19 (formerly known as coronavirus) linked to transit use in our region, and federal health officials maintain that the risk to the general public for contracting the virus remains low, protecting our passengers and employees is our top priority.

    We are in close contact with local, state, and national health authorities to monitor the situation and will provide updates as they become available. Out of an abundance of caution and care for our community, we have increased our standard, daily cleaning of buses, vans and facilities to include additional and more detailed disinfecting of restrooms, facilities, surfaces and seats.

    VIA has a rigorous cleaning program in place for our more than 500 buses and 140 vans, as well as our many Park & Ride facilities, transit centers, and office buildings. This daily process includes:

    • Every bus and van is cleaned and disinfected daily at the end of its run.
    • Transit Centers and Park & Ride facilities are cleaned daily, including floors, surfaces, handles, handrails, and other high-touch areas.
    • Restrooms are cleaned at least 3 times a day.
    • We use cleanser that sanitizes and disinfects surfaces, including seats, stations and rails on all vehicles and facilities.
    • The cleanser is formulated to kill germs that can cause illness.
    • VIA offices, customer service areas, Transit Centers and Park & Ride facilities are equipped with public hand sanitizing stations and operators are provided hand sanitizer to use between washing.
    • Helpful information about proper hand-washing techniques are posted throughout our offices and facilities, and on our web site.

    Beginning Thursday, March 5, we activated enhanced health and safety protocols to include all standard procedures listed above in addition to:

    • More frequent and detailed cleaning of buses and vans—including additional mid-day cleanings, and on-site spot cleanings at transit centers and other facilities.
    • Additional staffing dedicated to maintaining enhanced health and safety procedures.
    • Requiring compliance from our partners (MV Transportation and Yellow Cab) to implement enhanced cleaning protocols.

    VIA continues to encourage passengers to follow these simple, effective tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

    • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
    • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash
    • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using an approved cleaning spray or wipe
    • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
    • If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
    • Passengers who feel sick or are experiencing symptoms should stay home, avoid public places, and contact your physician.


Below are some helpful links to guide you.




  • Where can I find information about what VIA is doing about COVID-19?

    • Updates will be posted to our website at
    • Posters and flyers are distributed throughout our transit centers and Park & Ride facilities.
    • Signs are posted on buses.
    • Information is posted on digital screens and kiosks throughout the system.
    • Our customer care team can help with specific questions about fares and service. Please call 210-362-2020 for help.
    • You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for alerts.
    • Sign up for email updates at

  • Is VIA limiting the number of passengers on buses and vans?

    • Per updated CDC guidelines, VIA no longer limits the number of passengers on its vehicles or at its facilities.

  • Are VIA riders required to wear masks?

    • Masks are no longer required but are encouraged.

  • If I feel sick, can I take VIA to go to the doctor or hospital?

    • No. If you feel sick, do not use public transit, per CDC recommendations.
    • Call your doctor or health care provider for instructions.
    • Visit the City of San Antonio’s website at to take a self-screening test.
    • You can call the City’s COVID hotline at 210-207-5779, or email questions to [email protected].

  • What is VIA doing to help protect its employees?

    • Since the onset of the pandemic, VIA implemented a cleaning procedure for all buses, vans and facilities, which include daily cleaning with solution designed to kill germs that can cause illness.
    • All VIA vehicles in use feature an ultraviolet air purification system to reduce the spread of airborne viruses. Learn more about the Active Air Purification System installed on 562 VIA vehicles.
    • Operators and front-line employees have access to hand sanitizer, wipes, gloves and masks.
    • VIA continues to encourage all operators and front-line workers to wear masks while working.
    • Protective barriers have been installed on all driver cabins for buses and vans.

  • Is VIA checking temperatures for passengers?

    • Not at this time. But passengers are reminded that if they feel sick, they are not supposed to take public transit. They should call their doctor or the City’s COVID hotline for information.

  • What is VIA doing to help protect its customers?

    • VIA encourages all non-exempt passengers to wear a face covering over the nose and mouth at all times, while riding a VIA vehicle or at a VIA facility.
    • All VIA vehicles in use feature an ultraviolet air purification system to reduce the spread of airborne viruses. Learn more about the Active Air Purification System installed on 562 VIA vehicles.
    • Most VIA bus have hand sanitizer dispensers on board.

  • What can customers do to help stop the spread of germs?

    • Stay home if you show symptoms, have been exposed to the virus, or tested positive for COVID-19
    • Wear a face covering when in public
    • Wash your hands frequently
    • Use hand sanitizer between washing
    • Cough and sneeze into their arm
    • Avoid touching your face
    • We have placed hand sanitizing stations at our offices and facilities for customers to use.
    • We have also updated the information available on our website, aboard our buses, and at our transit centers and Park & Ride facilities to ensure customers can stay informed.
    • You can find this and other helpful information at WWW.CDC.GOV.

  • How often are buses / facilities cleaned?

    • VIA vehicles and facilities are cleaned daily.

  • How do COVID-19 changes affect customers who use wheelchairs?

    • VIA has put safety measures in place to ensure customers and staff are protected when riding with VIA or at a VIA facility.
    • Face coverings are encouraged for all non-exempt riders on bus and VIAtrans trips.
    • Operators will still assist riders in wheelchairs or other mobility assisted device, including kneeling the bus when boarding and helping with securing the chair while on board.
    • For questions about VIAtrans service during COVID-19, please call 210-362-5050.

  • When will VIA begin hiring again?

    • VIA has resumed hiring for positions in all departments, including bus operators.
    • Please visit for a list of available positions and information about how to apply.