Mobile App NEW - VIA Metropolitan Transit

Mobile App NEW

Upgrade to next-level VIA goMobile+ coming soon!

Mobile App NEW

goMobile+ offers these next-level features

  • Expanded payment options that allow users to load value into the app with cash at hundreds of local retailers (Fall 2021)
  • “Fare capping” where single fares paid by riders are “capped” when they reach the cost of an unlimited-ride pass (Winter 2021)
  • Improved back-office that allows for better support of goMobile+ users
  • Stronger security features to reduce fraud

Download goMobile+ (Coming Soon)

Mobile App NEW
Mobile App NEW

What current goMobile users need to know

  • VIA goMobile+ is a completely new app. Users will need to setup a new goMobile+ account.
  • Purchased or activated tickets on the current VIA goMobile app will not transfer over to the new VIA goMobile+ app.
  • Customers will be able to use up purchased or activated tickets on VIA goMobile through September 1, 2021.  After that date, you will not be able to use the old VIA goMobile app to pay your fare and credits can not be provided for unused tickets.
  • Customers can use both the old and the new app while using up purchased tickets.
Mobile App NEW

When will goMobile+ be available?

Here are some key dates for VIA goMobile users

Summer 2021 When the new app is available, tickets will no longer be sold on the old app.
Fall 2021 VIA will notify goMobile users when the cutoff date is to use tickets on the old app.
August 15 Last day to use any tickets on the old VIA goMobile app

VIA tickets are expected to be available on the all-in-one Transit app this summer

The third-party Transit app is used by millions across the globe including many VIA riders in San Antonio. Beginning DATE, you will be able to purchase VIA fares straight from the Transit app.  For travelers, this is a great way to plan trips and purchase fare across multiple cities and systems – all from a single app!

Transit App features:

Trip Planning (with real-time data)

“GO” – step-by-step navigation with Daniel, Transit’s friendly robot

Ability to compare multiple travel options on a single screen

Uber and Lyft and VIA – who needs a car payment?

Download the Transit App now

Mobile App NEW
Mobile App NEW

How does goMobile+ work?

  • Open the app on your mobile device to purchase fares and passes.
  • Use Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX and PayPal for purchases and set up an optional account to make future visits faster.
  • For convenience, you can buy tickets anytime and activate them when you are ready to ride
  • Once the fare is activated, an animated ticket will display on your screen.
  • Show the active screen to the operator when boarding the bus. If you are using a reduced-fare ticket, you also will need to show the operator your Reduced Fare ID.

What can be purchased on the goMobile+ app?

goMobile+ users can purchase the following products at full-fare and half-fare rates:

  • Day Pass
  • 7-Day Pass
  • 31-Day Pass
  • 2.5-Hour Pass (Not valid on Express Service)
  • VIAtrans Ticket
  • Special Event Pass

Other tips for goMobile+

  • Passes and tickets purchased with goMobile+ can be transferred if you lose or upgrade your device.
  • goMobile+ users can pay for multiple fares at one time.
  • goMobile+ provides quick links to the Transit app for trip planning and next bus information.
  • Riders have the option to manage a goMobile+ account on a mobile device and online.
  • A minimum purchase of $1.45 and a maximum purchase of $200 are allowed on the app.
  • goMobile+ is available in English and Spanish.