Procurement - VIA Metropolitan Transit


The Procurement Division is responsible for the purchase of goods and services on VIA’s behalf. Goods and services are purchased in accordance with Local, State and Federal provisions and include informal and formal solicitations for bids and proposals. This division procures rolling stock, equipment, parts, supplies, construction, A&E and other types of professional services. Goods and services are procured in a manner that maximizes full and open competition.

division tasks

In addition to purchases and solicitations, this division assembles scopes of services/statements of work and independent cost estimates. The division also:

  • processes and analyzes bids and proposals;

  • conducts negotiations;

  • works with VIA’s Office of Diversity and Federal Compliance staff to achieve utilization goals;

  • awards and administers formal contracts;

  • monitors contractor performance and adherence to contract provisions;

  • processes payments;

  • settles contract disputes;

  • and, maintains procurement and contract files.

Procurement staff attends networking functions and meets with vendors to maintain awareness of new and emerging products and services. VIA’s Procurement Division issues more than 20,000 purchase orders and awards more than 80 formal contracts per year. Procurement staff work with nearly every department and division within VIA.