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VIAtrans Paratransit Service

VIA offers paratransit transportation service for customers who cannot utilize regular bus service because of a disability. Individuals must apply for this shared-ride program to determine eligibility.

Application for VIAtrans Service (PDF) | Aplicación de Servicio de VIAtrans en Español (PDF)

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Customer Guide

The VIAtrans Service Customer Guide contains helpful information for VIA customers with a disability, including details on priority seating, bus features, reduced fares, scooter requirements, and more. The guide has details about VIAtrans service such as eligibility requirements, usage policies, reservation procedures, and important contact information.

Also available in Spanish and Braille/Text-to-Voice ready.

Reasonable Accommodations

To promote access for customers who are disabled, VIA will consider exceptions to existing rules and procedures on an as-needed basis. Please contact us in advance by e-mail or phone at (210) 362-5050, if you believe you require a disability-related accommodation in order to use VIA buses or VIAtrans vans. A complaint process is available if an accommodation request is declined.


This video shows how VIAtrans service was designed and how it operates.

Once you have been approved to use VIAtrans service, this video will help you plan your trips safely and conveniently.


VIAtrans tickets are available through the VIA goMobile App, online, at all VIA Customer Service Centers and at many H-E-B Locations.



What is VIAcall?
VIAcall is an automated telephone system. Upon request VIAtranst customers can receive “reminder” calls about their non-subscription VIAtrans trips, and “arrival” calls when their van is on the way.

When will I get these phone calls?
Reminder calls will be made during early evening hours on the day before any scheduled trip, except subscription trips. For all trips, arrival calls will be made when a van is five (5) to fifteen (15) minutes from your pick-up location. The arrival call time may sometimes vary, due to traffic conditions.

What if I don’t want to get calls?
Please talk to a Reservation Agent, at (210) 362-5050. We can remove your name from the call list, or we can make Arrival calls only. Can you call me at another number for certain trips? Van Arrival calls can go to a different number, such as a doctor’s office, for specific trips. When you make a reservation, just ask the Agent to use a different number for that particular trip.

Does this include Will-Call trips?
You won’t get a Reminder for Will-Call trips on the day before, but you will receive an Arrival call when your van is on the way for a Will-Call return trip.

What if I receive an Arrival call but the van doesn’t get there on time?
If your van is more than 20 minutes late, call (210) 362-5050 and press 3 for assistance.

What if my trip is scheduled on a Star Shuttle van?
Star Shuttle is part of the VIAcall system, so it makes no difference if you are traveling on a VIA van or a Star van.

Will there be any changes to the Late Cancellation and No-show Policy?
No. Customers are still encouraged to cancel unwanted trips at least one hour in advance, and must board a van within five (5) minutes after the scheduled pickup time. However, we hope VIAcall will reduce No-Shows and Late Cancels.

Am I able to request calls in Spanish?
Yes. Just listen to the message and press 5 to hear information in Spanish. If you have other VIAcall questions, ask any Reservation Agent at (210) 362-5050.

¿Puedo solicitar llamadas en español?
Simplemente escuche el mensaje y presione el 5 para escuchar la información en español. Si usted tiene otras preguntas sobre VIAcall, pregúntele a cualquier agente de reservaciones al (210) 362-5050

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