Trip Planning

Planning a trip with VIA?

Use our expanded Trip Planning service with new, easy-to-use features.


Select a route from the drop-down menu to download a Route Schedule PDF.



Free 4G LTE WiFi

VIA offers free 4G LTE WiFi service on every bus, every van and at every transit facility. Riders can connect to the free WiFi in three easy steps. It’s that simple. Log on today:

1. Turn on your mobile device’s WiFi setting.
2. Search for VIAFreeWiFi network.
3. Read and agree to the terms of service


Next Bus

VIA riders can now get real-time bus arrival information delivered to their cell phones (Message and Date Rates May Apply), computers or other mobile devices. The information sent to riders will be based on the real time status of their bus not just the printed bus schedule times. Read more about Next Bus and view mobile apps.

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Google Transit

VIA bus schedules are displayed right on Google maps. Zoom down to an area in San Antonio to see small blue bus icons representing VIA bus stops. Select an icon to display schedules for routes serving that stop. You can also use Google to plan your bus trip on VIA. Simply find your destination and get directions “by transit”.