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Paper E-fare Tickets

If you prefer not to use your mobile phone or a goCard, VIA offers paper e-fare magnetic stripe tickets for our 31-Day Pass, 7-Day Pass and Day Pass.  To use an e-fare ticket, insert it into the fare box on the first ride to activate. Just swipe on subsequent trips. If you prefer to pay with cash, transfers are dispensed right out of the fare box on e-fare cards, too. And with the e-fare system, you can buy Day passes right on the bus.

Purchasing Paper Tickets

Paper e-fare tickets can be purchased at all VIA Customer Service Centers and many retail outlets including most H-E-B stores (listed below). Day Passes are also available on every bus. If you purchase your e-fare Day Pass on the bus, you must let your driver know you want to buy a Day Pass before inserting any money into the fare box. Your Day Pass will be dispensed, activated and stamped with an expiration date. Simply swipe and go on subsequent trips during that day.

Paper Transfers

If you would like a free paper e-fare transfer, you must notify the operator before inserting money into the fare box. Your e-fare transfer will be dispensed and stamped with an expiration time on the back. When you board your next bus, simply swipe the transfer on the fare box. If you are transferring from regular to Express service, swipe and pay the upcharge. The new e-fare transfers allow for unlimited rides for 2.5 hours.

IMAGE: Barri Financial


31-Day Pass (Full and Half Fare), 7-Day Pass (Full Fare), and VIAtrans tickets are available at these BARRI FINANCIAL locations:

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31-Day Passes (Full Fare) are available at these La Fiesta stores:


31-Day Pass (Full and Half Fare), 7-Day Pass (Full Fare), and Day Pass (Full Fare) are available at these Diamond Food Mart stores:

important things to remember about via e-fare cards

Expired Cards

A used or expired e-fare card cannot be recharged. Dispose of expired cards, but please do not litter.

Reduced Fares

Riders who are eligible for reduced fares must provide proof of eligibility when paying or using half-fare e-fare cards.


When paying for more than one person, let the operator know before inserting payment.


If a rider is due change exceeding $1, the operator may dispense an e-fare change card. There are no cash refunds. The change card can only be used as payment for future trips within one year of issuance. Only one change card per transaction is allowed. Change less than $1 cannot be provided.

E-fare terms & conditions

  • E-fare cards are valid for Prímo, Regular, Express and Park & Ride Event Service service. E-fare cards are not valid for VIAtrans, other special nor discounted service.

  • If using a half-fare e-fare card, a valid Reduced Fare ID card must also be presented at boarding.

  • E-fare cards must be presented to any VIA official upon request.

  • E-fare cards are non-refundable and VIA assumes no responsibility for replacement if lost, stolen, defaced or mutilated.

  • The unauthorized copying or alteration, or the sale or presentment of an unauthorized copy or alteration, of a VIA e-fare card may result in criminal prosecution.