VIAWorks, the Employer Transit Benefit Program from VIA Metropolitan Transit, offers a solid return on investment by connecting people to jobs and opportunities, with significant savings to commuting costs.

Investing in public transportation with VIAWorks benefits us all.

For Employers:

  • Recruitment and retention incentives

  • Reduced need for subsidized employee parking

  • Environmentally responsible options

For Employees:

  • Tax incentives: Employees can pay for transportation costs with pre-tax dollars.

  • Affordable access to the workplace

  • Reduced commuting costs


  • Increased productivity

  • The Certified Auto Ride in an Emergency (CARE) program helps cover the cost of a ride home for participating bus and Vanpool customers — by taxi or, in some circumstances, a rental car.


    Make VIAWorks, the Employer Transit Benefit Program from VIA Metropolitan Transit, part of your company’s success story. Let’s develop a plan for convenient public transportation choices, together.

    VIAWorks Business Pass

    The Business Pass program is simple. VIA delivers 31-Day Passes to participating employers each month.

    The passes are offered to employees at cost ($38/month) or at a reduced rate, depending on the employer’s participation in subsidizing the passes.

    Nearly 6,000 passes are issued monthly through VIA’s Business Pass program.

    At a glance

    • Subsidize all or a portion of the cost for a 31-Day Pass.

    • Offer 31-Day Passes for sale on site with no subsidy.

    VIAWorks EZ Ride

    The EZ Ride annual pass offers flexibility. With EZ Ride, employers may offer transit benefits to all or a fixed number of employees. (Rates vary by corporate and government entities.) The program gives employees access to all of VIA’s mainline bus and other services with a convenient EZ Ride sticker applied to a work-issued photo ID.

    Option 1

    • Provide the annual pass for all employees.

    • Pay $82 per year, per employee – less than $0.23 per day.

    • Government agencies pay $60 per year– about $0.16 per day.

    • Participants must employ at least 25 employees for this option.

    Option 2

    • Provide the annual pass for a fixed number of employees.

    • Pay $365 per year, per employee – $1 per day.


    Getting there together is a great way to start the day. VIAWorks Vanpools may travel almost anywhere, as long as trips start or end within Bexar County. Call (210) 362-2555 for information about using the Vanpool.

    How does it work?

    Vanpool makes it possible for groups of five to 15 persons to share a ride to work, while splitting the cost of van rental and fuel.

    Employees of participating workplaces may receive up to a $260 per month tax benefit* for Vanpool expense reimbursements. VIA also provides a subsidy discount ($20 per person, per month), insurance, 24-hour roadside assistance, and van maintenance.


    Why use VIAWorks Vanpool?

    • It eliminates driving a personal vehicle and reduces gasoline and emissions.

    • It saves parking costs and traffic hassles.

    • It’s tax free for riders if done as a payroll deduction.

    • Vanpool drivers may keep the van during evenings and weekends, in exchange for keeping a daily log, and managing the group’s finances and scheduled maintenance.

    • It offers an attractive benefit package on behalf of employers.

    • It provides tax savings to employers who subsidize all or partial costs.


    Join major employers in the region who are already taking advantage of money-saving benefits with VIAWorks.

    These are some of the San Antonio-area’s leading industry employers who have partnered with VIA for a better way to work:

    • Zachry Industrial Inc.

    • Valero Energy Group

    • Frost Bank

    Government / Utilities
    • Bexar County

    • City of San Antonio

    • CPS Energy

    Health Care
    • Baptist Health System

    • Methodist Hospitals

    • University Health System

    Higher Education
    • Career Point College

    • University of Texas-San Antonio

    • Boudro’s on the Riverwalk

    • Courtyard Riverwalk by Marriott

    • Doubletree Hotels

    • Emily Morgan Hotel

    • Holiday Inn Hotels

    • Hotel Contessa

    • Hotel Emma

    • Hotel Valencia

    • La Cantera Hill Country Resort

    • La Quinta Inn & Suites

    • Marriott Plaza Hotel

    • Menger Hotel

    • Omni La Mansion Del Rio

    • Goodwill Industries of San Antonio

    • Southwest Research Institute (Research & Development – Technical)

For questions, or to sign up to be a VIAWorks partner, call (210) 362-2310.

Benefits of Public Transportation

Public Transportation Enhances Personal Opportunities

  • Public transportation provides access to job opportunities for millions of people.

  • Public transportation provides personal mobility and freedom.

Public Transportation Provides Economic Opportunities & Drives Community Growth and Revitalization

  • Every $1 invested in public transportation generates approximately $4 in economic returns.

Public Transportation Saves Money

  • A two-person household can save, on average, more than $10,174 a year by downsizing to one car.

Source: American Public Transportation Association (APTA)

Public Transportation Reduces Gasoline Consumption

  • Public transportation use in the United States saves 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline annually.

  • Households near public transit drive an average of 4,400 fewer miles than households with no access to public transit.

Public Transportation Reduces Carbon Emissions

  • Public transportation use in the United States reduces our nation’s carbon emissions by 37 million metric tons annually. This is equivalent to Washington, D.C.; New York City; Atlanta; Denver; and Los Angeles combined stopping electricity use.

  • One person with a 20-mile round trip commute who switches from driving to public transit can reduce his or her daily carbon emissions by 20 pounds, or more than 4,800 pounds in a year.