The Texas Diversity Council has selected VIA Metropolitan Transit to receive a Corporate DiversityFIRST Leadership Award in recognition of the agency’s true advocacy for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Corporate DiversityFIRST Award recognizes organizations that strive for diversity and inclusion by developing and implementing effective equal opportunity programs, exhibiting visionary and insightful leadership to confront and resolve inequities, enhancing the quality of life of the community for the improvement of equal opportunity and for the provision of greater access to government and government services, and other ambitious endeavors that enrich the diversity of the workforce and the industry. The award will be presented at the 17th Annual DiversityFIRST Best Practices and Awards event set for October 21.

“Our commitment is to lead by example as champions of diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels—including hiring and staff development, service design and delivery, and community involvement,” VIA President/CEO Jeffrey C. Arndt said. “Our daily charge is not only to create equal opportunities within VIA, but to provide equal access to opportunities throughout the community we serve.”

Arndt was previously recognized by the Texas Diversity Council in 2018 with an Individual DiversityFIRST Award to honor him for his dedication to the promotion of diversity and inclusion; and in 2014 as a CEO Champion of Diversity.