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NaviLens CodeNaviLens is technology developed to empower people who are blind or have low vision, and allows them independently navigate unknown places by translating visual signage into audio messages. The technology consists of two mobile phone applications and a multi-colored QR-style code. The codes can be:

  • Detected from up to 50ft away

  • Read and detected within a second

  • Read unfocused even when user is unaware a code is within range

  • Read from an angle of 160 degrees

  • Read in all light conditions

  • Provide the user real time bus information or any other information stored in code

  • Provide the user accurate orientation to the code

  • Provide audio or text messages in 33 different languages and utilize user’s preferred phone language setting to deliver message.


1. Download the FREE NaviLens app and/or NaviLensGo app to your IOS device or Android device.

  • NaviLens app will read signs and provide audio message guiding the user to the code and providing information stored in code such as next bus arrival information or any alerts stored regarding that bus stop.

  • NaviLensGo app provides a text message of information stored in the code such as next bus arrivals or any alerts stored regarding that bus stop.

2. Once the app has been downloaded, hold your phone chest level as you walk to our test bus stops and the app will scan the environment and detect codes in the area.



VIA installed 100 multi-colored codes on bus stop poles throughout the city. Codes were installed in November 2021 and will be active through May 2022. The list below indicates which bus stops are a part of the pilot program.

Routes 3 and 4Stop Number 47846Location: San Antonio College
Routes 3 and 4Stop Number 47947Location: VIA Metropolitan Center
Routes 3, 4, 5, and 534Stop Number 78539Location: Rector Opposite Ahern- Northstar Mall
Route 4Stop Number 10039Location: North Star Transit Center
Routes 4, 5, and 534Stop Number 79519Location: Rector Opposite Northstar Mall
Route 5Stop Number 59457Location: McCullough & Cypress
Route 5Stop Number 59556Location: McCullough & Brooklyn
Routes 6, 7, 88, 96, and 97Stop Number 99496Location: Navarro Far Side Of Bridge
Route 20Stop Number 29126Location: S. New Braunfels & Avondale
Route 20Stop Number 29427Location: S. New Braunfels & Iowa
Route 20Stop Number 30049Location: Brooks Transit Center
Route 20Stop Number 44679Location: Josephine & Ave. B
Route 20Stop Number 44683Location: Josephine Between Ave. B & Broadway
Route 20Stop Number 56126Location: N. Flores & Evergreen
Route 20Stop Number 56127Location: N. Flores Opposite Evergreen
Route 20Stop Number 56427Location: N. Laredo & Lombrano
Route 20Stop Number 60029Location: Centro Plaza - Southwest Corner
Route 20Stop Number 65976Location: Frio Opposite Leal
Route 20Stop Number 75187Location: Frio & Haven For Hope Way
Route 20Stop Number 76646Location: Frio & Martin
Route 20Stop Number 79627Location: N. New Braunfels & Hays
Route 20Stop Number 89316Location: S. New Braunfels & Fair Ave.
Route 20Stop Number 89726Location: N. New Braunfels & E. Houston
Route 20Stop Number 89727Location: N. New Braunfels & E. Houston
Route 20Stop Number 99166Location: Heb Plus
Route 20Stop Number 99167Location: Heb Plus
Route 34Stop Number 11727Location: S. St. Mary's & Alamo
Route 34Stop Number 19397Location: S. St. Mary's & King William
Route 34Stop Number 21357Location: S. St. Mary's & Pereida
Route 34Stop Number 21877Location: S. St. Mary's & Fir
Route 34Stop Number 31297Location: S. St. Mary's & Barbe
Route 34Stop Number 32717Location: S. St. Mary's Opposite Biering
Route 34Stop Number 32927Location: S. St. Mary's Opposite Lotus
Route 34Stop Number 42627Location: S. St. Mary's & Mission Rd.
Route 34Stop Number 52117Location: Roosevelt & Grove
Route 34Stop Number 52627Location: Roosevelt & Highland
Route 34Stop Number 52937Location: Roosevelt Opposite Wilkens
Route 34Stop Number 53366Location: Roosevelt & Mitchell
Route 34Stop Number 62427Location: Roosevelt Opposite Mckinley
Route 34Stop Number 72327Location: Roosevelt & Benita
Route 34Stop Number 72607Location: Roosevelt & Palo Blanco
Route 34Stop Number 72737Location: Roosevelt & Hansford
Route 34Stop Number 79973Location: Pecan & St. Mary's
Route 34Stop Number 82589Location: Eads & Roosevelt
Route 34Stop Number 82619Location: Eads Between Rr Tracks & Whiting
Route 34Stop Number 89377Location: St. Mary's Between Travis & Houston
Route 34Stop Number 99157Location: St. Mary's Between Market & Villita
Routes 34 and 42Stop Number 82583Location: Eads & Roosevelt
Routes 34 and 42Stop Number 82586Location: Roosevelt & Eads
Routes 34 and 42Stop Number 82603Location: Lighthouse for the Blind Annex @Eads
Route 42Stop Number 13357Location: Roosevelt In Front Of 2617
Route 42Stop Number 13657Location: Roosevelt & E. Southcross
Route 42Stop Number 23357Location: Roosevelt & Bustillos
Route 42Stop Number 62717Location: Mission Between Steves & Mitchell
Route 42Stop Number 62719Location: Steves Between Roosevelt & Mission
Route 42Stop Number 62773Location: Hansford Opp Kalteyer
Route 42Stop Number 77146Location: Lighthouse For The Blind
Route 42Stop Number 82387Location: Roosevelt Opposite Uvalde
Route 42Stop Number 82897Location: Roosevelt & McDonald
Route 42Stop Number 93436Location: Roosevelt Opps Rossevelt Mobile Home Park
Route 42Stop Number 93437Location: Roosevelt In Front Of Roosevelt Mobile Home Park
Route 42Stop Number 93647Location: Roosevelt & Riverside
Route 88Stop Number 421193Location: Bandera & Seneca
Routes 88 and 501Stop Number 29993Location: Bandera & Poss
Routes 88, 605, 606, and 609Stop Number 76569Location: Mainland At Walmart Supercenter
Routes 95, 96, 97, 100, and 103Stop Number 10203Location: Mary Louise Station Inbound
Route 100Stop Number 20097Medical Center Transit Center East Side
Routes 100 and 103 Stop Number 10209Location: Mary Louise Station Outbound
Route 552Stop Number 10019Location: North Star Transit Center
Route 552Stop Number 10059Location: North Star Transit Center
Route 552Stop Number 11896Location: Sw Loop 410-N Access Rd. & Latigo
Route 552Stop Number 16296Location: W W White Rd. & E. Southcross
Route 552Stop Number 26177Location: W W White Rd. & Martin Luther King
Route 552Stop Number 26967Location: W W White & Rice Rd
Route 552Stop Number 30029Location: Brooks Transit Center
Route 552Stop Number 32179Location: Crossroads Park & Ride
Route 552Stop Number 42219Location: Fredericksburg Road At Wonderland Mall
Route 552Stop Number 46456Location: Kel-Lac Transit Center
Route 552Stop Number 46476Location: W W White Rd. & Lakewood
Route 552Stop Number 59799Location: Randolph Park & Ride
Route 552Stop Number 59883Location: Randolph Park & Ride
Route 552Stop Number 71559Location: NE Loop 410 W Access Rd/Starcrest
Route 552Stop Number 74589Location: Northeast Loop 410 W Access/ Perrin Beitel
Route 552Stop Number 75723Location: Loop 410 E Access Rd. & Perrin Beitel
Route 552Stop Number 78449Location: NE Loop 410 W. Access Rd & Broadway
Route 552Stop Number 78693Location: Loop 410 E. Access Rd. & West Avenue
Route 552Stop Number 86967Location: W W White Rd. & E. Houston
Route 552Stop Number 98019Location: Ingram Transit Center
Route 552Stop Number 98023Location: Ingram Transit Center
Route 602Stop Number 10033Location: North Star Transit Center


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