SAN ANTONIO FIESTA 2023 - VIA Metropolitan Transit

VIA Service Schedule

VIA Metropolitan Transit will offer convenient, affordable Park & Ride service to and from several 2023 Fiesta events.


More Fiesta Service

Fiesta De Los Reyes At Market Square
April 21-30, 2023

VIA Primo Route 100 provides frequent service downtown. The eastbound route travels on Buena Vista to include Market Square for just $1.30 each way.

Plan your trip on the Transit app or call the VIA goLine at 210-362-2020 for assistance.

Medal Mania

VIA will unveil its 2023 Fiesta Medal soon and you can get your hands on one by simply using Park & Ride to any of the Fiesta events listed on the Schedule above.  Passengers must purchase Park & Ride fare at any customer service window prior to the event, or at the ticket kiosk at each Park & Ride location on the day of the event. Medals will be given out while supplies last.

Social Media Giveaway: VIA provide opportunities to win a medal through social media platforms. See Official Rules.

What You Need to Know


Park & Ride Service fare is $1.30 each way with discounts available for children, seniors, students, and active-duty members of the military. VIAtrans customers and children under age 5 ride free. See the table for a complete list of fares.

VIA bus passes and U-Passes are valid for this service. VIAtrans service also will be available to Fiesta for registered patrons. Normal VIAtrans reservation policies apply.

Customers also can plan their trip to Downtown Fiesta events on regular downtown routes using our Online Trip Planner.

For more information about service to Fiesta events, customers may call 210-362-2020.  For more information about Fiesta, visit

Fiesta Park & Rider Passengers


♦ Customers are encouraged to pre-purchase Park & Ride fare on the VIA goMobile app+, save time & enjoy contactless boarding.

♦ Cash and credit cards will be accepted at Customer Service Centers for exact fares only. No change will be given.

♦ Single and Round-trip fare is available at the Park & Ride locations or with the goMobile+ app.

♦ Food is not allowed on buses; drinks must be in a spill-proof container. Learn more on our How to Ride page.


with Valid VIA ID
Active Duty Military
In uniform or with Active-Duty Military ID card
Senior Citizens
Mon-Fri | ID card with proof of age
Senior Citizens
Sat-Sun | ID card with proof of age
Disabled Persons
with VIA Reduced Fare ID Card
Medicare Recipient
with VIA Reduced Fair ID Card
VIAtrans Patron
with valid VIAtrans Card
PCA and One Companion
with VIAtrans Patron



When can I purchase Fiesta Park & Ride tokens at Customer Service Centers?
Tokens are now available to purchase. Patrons can get a VIA Fiesta medal at time of token purchase.

How can I purchase tokens or fare?
(1) Fares can be purchased with the VIA goMobile+ app;
(2) Tokens can be purchased at Park & Ride Customer Service Window until 8 p.m. April 21-29; or
(3) Any Customer Service Center during normal business hours.

What distinguishes regular fare from Fiesta Park & Ride fare when purchasing at Customer Service Centers?
There is no distinction, full fare is $1.30 each way ($2.60 round trip). Half fare is $0.65 each way ($1.30 round trip).
Patrons who plan to return to the Park & Ride location will need to purchase return token at the same time; return tokens will not be available at the Fiesta Event locations.

If I purchase Fiesta Park & Ride fare ahead of time, how will I get a Fiesta medal?
Medals will be given out at the transit center locations at the time of purchase (while supplies last).

How do I get a medal if I purchase my fare with the goMobile+ app?
Patrons will need to show the purchase of fare on their mobile device at one of the Transit Center locations to receive a medal (while supplies last).

Will there be kiosks at each of the Park & Ride locations on the respective days of service?
There will be a kiosk in the parking lot at Crossroads Park & Ride; there will not be kiosks at Randolph Park & Ride and Stone Oak Park & Ride.
However, the Customer Service Window at all three Park & Ride locations will be open until 8 p.m. April 21-29. (last bus leaves to event at 8 p.m.)

What is the step-by-step process for a patron who shows up on the day of event at one of the Park & Ride locations?
Fares can be purchased the day of the event at the Park & Ride location ticket window until 8 p.m. (last bus leaves to event at 8 p.m.)