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The Procurement Division is responsible for the purchase of goods and services on VIA’s behalf. Goods and services are purchased in accordance with Local, State and Federal provisions and include informal and formal solicitations for bids and proposals.

This division procures rolling stock, equipment, parts, supplies, construction, architectural and engineering, and other types of professional services. Goods and services are procured in a manner that maximizes full and open competition.

division tasks

In addition to purchases and solicitations, this division assembles scopes of services/statements of work and independent cost estimates. The division also:

  • processes and analyzes bids and proposals;

  • conducts negotiations;

  • works with VIA’s Office of Diversity and Federal Compliance staff to achieve utilization goals;

  • awards and administers formal contracts;

  • monitors contractor performance and adherence to contract provisions;

  • processes payments;

  • settles contract disputes;

  • and, maintains procurement and contract files.

Procurement staff attends networking functions and meets with vendors to maintain awareness of new and emerging products and services. VIA’s Procurement Division issues more than 20,000 purchase orders and awards more than 80 formal contracts per year. Procurement staff work with nearly every department and division within VIA.

Dyanne Sampson
Vice President of Procurement
Alma Fuentes
Administrative Assistant to VP
Purchasing Support Specialist
Mary Lu Grayzell
P-Card Administration
Contract Specialist II
Laura Garza
Professional Services/Employee Benefits/A&E / Auditing / Legal
Contract Specialist I
Cayla Colbert
Fleet Support/Equipment/
Facilities Maintenance & Facility Support
David Covell
Construction/Facilities Maintenance 
Anna Jarvis
Fleet & Facilities Support
Karen Ross
Fleet Support/Equipment/ IT Support/Construction
Contract Specialist Assistants
Connie Myers (lead)
Document Management Administrator
Sabrena Calderon
B2G End User Support/Troubleshooting/Registration/Outreach/Vendor Maintenance
Manager of Purchasing
Todd Peschong
Maintenance Support
Purchasing Specialist II
Robert Rodriguez
Fleet Support/Equipment 
Nancy Moreno
Office Furniture/Fleet Support 
Kim Turner
Promotional Items/Fleet Support/Printing 
Robert Vargas
Fleet Support/Equipment
Purchasing Specialist Assistant
Invoice Expeditor
Terrie Marvin
Posting and Paying Invoices
Office Numbers
Procurement Main Line210-362-2400
Contract Administrators Fax Line210-362-2588
Purchasing/Buyers Fax Line210-362-2577
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VIA’s Office of Diversity & Federal Compliance (ODFC) Business Supplier Diversity Programs is responsible for all aspects of VIA’s Business/Supplier Diversity Program (comprised of VIA’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program and Small Business Enterprise Program).



Solicitation No.Solicitation TitleSolicitation DescriptionPre Proposal/Bid
Conference Date
Due Date
21-616Hardware for CPS Energy Echo Network Connections Build OutPurchase of Cisco networking equipment for our soon to open co-located data center with CPS Energy.N/A10/11/20210%Anna Jarvis
21-401Charging Infrastructure for Eight (8) Gillig Electric BusesThe Contractor shall supply and install a turnkey depot charging system to recharge the propulsion batteries of eight (8) GILLIG Battery Electric Buses (BEB) equipped with 444kWh battery. The Contractor will provide a turnkey installation of the depot charging system per the bus and battery manufacturer’s recommendations and these technical specifications.06/24/2108/02/2111% SBEAnna Jarvis
21-558Annex Wireless Internet CircuitsContractor to install a wireless circuit at the VIA Annex Bldg. and provide monthly internet service for 5 years.08/30/2109/10/210%Karen Ross
21-520Recycling ServicesContractor to perform all tasks pertaining to a recycling collection and processing program, including but not limited to transporting, processing, storing, and selling recyclable materials collected at VIA’s facilities.09/02/2109/16/210%Cayla Colbert
21-201Mobility on Demand Rideshare ServiceThe Contractor assists VIA with the development and implementation of a demand response rideshare service delivery program for multiple zones, where it is determined that fixed-route traditional transportation services are unavailable and/or not a viable option.06/24/2108/20/217% SBELaura Garza
21-478Human Resources (HR) Division DEI TrainingThe contractor shall conduct training and awareness for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, agency-wide for VIA Metropolitan Transit. The training shall be conducted in person and must also be available electronically for the entire workforce. The Contractor shall assist VIA staff with developing a committee and establishing a Racial Equity Action Plan to include an organizational policy/mission statement for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment.07/20/2108/23/2139% SBELaura Garza
21-276Actuarial Consulting for Retirement PlanThe contractor provides actuarial pension services in connection with VIA's pension plan.05/12/2106/16/210%Laura Garza
21-384Human Resources Job Evaluation Consulting ServicesProfessional Services for the review of HR's structure, staffing plan, compensation plan, & policies and provide recommendations.06/21/2107/26/210%Karen Ross



Solicitation No.Solicitation TitlePre Proposal/ Bid Conference DateSolicitation Due DateGoal Assigned
22-081Two (2) Scissor LiftsTBDTBD0%
22-080Boom LiftTBDTBD0%
22-043Drive on LiftTBDTBD0%
22-044Eight (8) Mobile LiftsTBDTBD0%
21-546VIA In-Vehicle Passenger Information SystemTBDTBD0%
21-567External Auditing ServicesTBDTBD0%
21-581Electronic Control Modules (14)TBDTBD0%
21-582Mobile 50 KW Battery ChargerTBDTBD0%
21-583Six (6) Sterkil-Kone Ebright Wireless Column LiftsTBDTBD0%
21-604Level Concrete Floor in Maintenance ShopTBDTBD0%
21-646Primo Shelter Upgrade - Fredericksburg Rd/Edison St.TBDTBD0%
21-456CPS Internet CircuitTBDTBD0%
21-606Diesel Particulate Filter & Diesel Oxidation CatalystTBDTBD0%
21-625Annual PSSA Maintenance Agreement (Myrtle and Transguide)TBDTBD0%
21-626Unify SSPTBDTBD0%
22-012Beyond Guardian Air Purifier UnitTBDTBD0%


Solicitation No.Solicitation
Contracts Specialist
21-012VIA Scobey Storage Complex Development10/29/21Three Step Process 1. Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA) 2. Establish a Term sheet 3. A Joint Development AgreementN/ARFPDreamOn Development Company, LLC0%Karen Ross
21-411Fuel & Lubrication Oil Transfer & Distribution System Replacement10/29/21 $2,751,000 1-yearIFBJF Petroleum Group5% SBEDavid Covell
21-311HD-5 Propane Motor Fuel10/28/21 $5,909,385 5-yearsIFBLonghorn Propane, L.P0%Anna Jarvis
21-407Automotive Paint Components10/28/21 $946,629 3-yearsIFBColor Tone Paint, Inc.0%Cayla.Colbert
21-529Trash Collection & Disposal Services Study10/26/21 $30,000 6 monthsRFPR4 Strategies39% SBELaura Garza
21-476VIA Centro Plaza Tree Pit Renovation10/25/21 $57,350 4 monthsIFBJAMCO Ventures, LLC30% SBEDavid.Covell
21-621Replacement Equipment for Staff10/20/21 $96,000 60 DaysSole SourceDell Marketing0%Anna Jarvis
21-626Unify SSP10/6/21 $80,654 1-yearSole SourceWestridge Professional Services, Inc 0%Cayla.Colbert
21-383Smart Cards10/1/21 $403,925 2-yearsIFBSmartCard America0%Anna Jarvis
21-607Purchase of Gift Cards for COVID-19 Vaccination Incentive9/28/21 $196,930 30 DaysSole SourceHEB0%Cayla.Colbert
21-385Fleet & Facilities Job Evaluation9/10/21 $67,718 6 monthsRFPLone Star Transit Management LLC0%Karen Ross
21-421Temporary Labor Services -goCard Outreach9/9/21 $73,348 6 monthsIFBQwalifize, LLC26% SBEAnna Jarvis
21-240Medical Auditing Services8/24/21 $358,551 5-yearsRFPInjury Management Organization Inc.0%Laura Garza
21-229Project Management and Construction Management Services8/24/21 $7,000,000 4-yearsRFPHill International Incorporated, HNTB Corporation Assigned per Task OrderKaren Ross
21-317VIA Art in Transit Program - Artist Roster8/6/21TBD Rotating Basis with four artists2-yearsRFPAnsen Seale, Bishop & Valderas LLC, Kersey Ceramics, Twyla Arthur 0%Laura Garza
21-237Miscellaneous Bus Parts8/4/21 $770,740 3-yearsIFBMohawk MFG & Supply Company, Muncie Transit Supply, Kirk's Automotive Inc., Neopart Transit, CC Battery Company Inc., Prevost Car Inc., Texas Alternator Starter Service, Gillig LLC., B&C Truck Electric, Natsco Transit Solutions Inc., The Aftermarket Parts Company, CD Starter Service, LLC, Romaine Electric Corporation.0%Anna Jarvis
21-249Hand Sanitizer - Dispensers & Sanitizer8/3/21 $566,372 2-yearsIFBMedWaste Solutions Inc.27% SBEDavid Covell
21-198Financial Advisor Services7/28/21 $500,000 3-yearsRFPEstrada Company & Hinojosa Inc.0%Cayla.Colbert
21-486SLA - Platinum Support Agreement7/14/21 $54,075 1-yearSole SourceGenfare0%Anna Jarvis
21-106Drug and Alcohol Testing7/1/21 $193,569 3-yearsIFBDecisive Services Technologies LLC dba Redi Testing0%Cayla.Colbert
21-073VMC Audio-Video System Replacement6/28/21 $115,544 90 DaysRFPNew Beginnings Capital Partnership Communications Systems0%Karen Ross
21-041Nurse Case Management Services6/28/21 $943,740 1-yearRFPReview Med L.P0%Karen Ross
21-283Printing of Pocket Schedules6/24/21 $356,000 4-yearsIFBThompson Print & Mailing Solutions20% SBEAnna Jarvis
21-357Microsoft Product Licensing6/23/21 $910,657 3-yearsState ContractSHI Government Solutions0%Anna Jarvis
21-243Madla Training Facility Upgrade5/28/21 $182,208 60 DaysIFBMLP Ventures Inc.38% SBECayla.Colbert
21-252Data Center Server and Storage Refresh5/26/21 $1,136,418 90 DaysIFBMark III Systems0%Anna Jarvis
21-014VIAtrans Supplemental Taxicab Services4/28/21 $1,664,250 3-yearsRFPYellow Cab0%Karen Ross
20-415Commercial Real Estate Broker Services4/28/21 $684,100 4-yearsRFPCBRE, Inc0%Cayla.Colbert
19-297Employees Uniforms4/28/21 $1,446,491 2-yearsRFPAmeri-Form Inc.0%Anna Jarvis
21-338VMWare Renewal4/26/21 $75,188 1-yearState ContractSHI Government Solutions0%Anna Jarvis
21-194Surveillance Cameras for VIA Warehouse & Parking4/14/21 $89,014 60 DaysIFBRX Technology32% SBEDavid Covell
21-309Computer Equipment4/1/21 $59,255 30 DaysInformalCDW Government Inc.0%Karen Ross
21-050Network Intrusion Detection System12/18/20 $98,000 1-yearSole SourceRed River Technology LLC0%Karen Ross
21-049Falcon Complete Platform Upgrade12/18/20 $89,951 1-yearSole SourceKudelski Security Inc0%Karen Ross
21-052BizLibrary Software Renewal10/21/20 $96,495 1-yearSole SourceBizLibrary0%Karen Ross