The community is invited to experiences VIA’s new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses at various locations. Learn about how these new low-emission vehicles are are rolling in a new era of public transportation offering you a safer, cleaner, ‘greener’ ride with VIA.

Experience our CNG buses first-hand inside and out to see all the new features, including a sleek design, wider front doors for accessibility, and technology features such as on-board GPS.

Join us at the following locations on the dates listed to find out about our new buses that are Red on the outside and “Green” on inside:

11 a.m. July 14: La Fiesta Supermarket, 5130 S. Flores St.
11 a.m. July 15: La Fiesta Supermarket, 6050 Ingram Road
11 a.m. July 28: La Fiesta Supermarket, 448 Castroville Road
11 a.m. July 29: La Fiesta Supermarket, 6103 Pecan Valley

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