SAN ANTONIO (Dec. 15, 2017) —Through a joint partnership, BiblioTech is promoting a new way to enhance VIA Metropolitan Transit rider’s commutes by providing immediate access to its digital library. By typing onto their browser, users have instantaneous access without having to login or sign up for membership.

“Commute times vary and we want to accommodate as many riders as possible,” said Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff. “Riders will be able to start reading with greater ease, which will hopefully allow our full membership enrollment to grow as more users experience the unique value proposition of BiblioTech.”

The new site allows for a variety of content, including fiction and non-fiction, and has Spanish language content available. It includes Popup Picks, which is suggested content that changes quarterly or users can search for specific topics. The URL is Bexar County specific, so riders will be able to get started while waiting for their bus at any stop or transit center. Users are encouraged to sign up for a completely free membership to take full advantage of the other services BiblioTech has to offer.

“VIA is committed to creating community connections and providing access to opportunity. We are proud to partner with Bexar County on the Ride & Read initiative to connect VIA riders to a full library of information and provide opportunity for individual enrichment, while we keep our community moving,” VIA President/CEO Jeffrey C. Arndt said.

This partnership is part of the Read & Ride initiative to connect VIA riders to a full library of information and provide opportunity for individual enrichment. VIA is committed to creating connections and providing access to opportunity.

“We want to meet the library patron in their everyday activities – because we can. The regular or even occasional bus ride presents us with an opportunity to enhance their day and VIA’s free Wi-Fi service allows us to do that,” said Laura Cole, BiblioTech Administrator. “The timing of the commute may not lend itself to a registration/browse/download experience – that’s why our bibliotechread URL is an invaluable new resource.”

Through an agreement with VIA approved by Commissioners Court, BiblioTech kiosks and wall-mounted ADA-compliant screens were installed at VIA’s Downtown Information Center, Centro Plaza, the Ellis Alley Transit Center, the Medical Center Transit Center, the Crossroads Park & Ride and the North Star Transit Center.

All Bexar County residents are eligible to register for a BiblioTech library card. The physical branches of the library are located at 3505 Pleasanton Road and in the San Antonio Housing Authority’s Gardens at San Juan at 2003 South Zarzamora St. A third branch will open in 2017 in SAHA’s Wheatley Heights community currently under construction. Patrons can access the library’s collections 24/7 at


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