Bexar County’s Air Officially Too Polluted To Meet Ozone Standard

The Environmental Protection Agency has now designated Bexar County’s air-quality status as being in “non-attainment,” which refers to areas of the United States that have not met air standards for human health by deadlines set in the Clean Air Act.

Diane Rath, executive director of the Alamo Area Council of Governments, discusses what this EPA designation will mean for our region. She explains some steps the general public can take get the county on a road to recovery, including riding public transportation. Watch the full interview below.

VIA began converting its entire fleet to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses in 2017 with a rollout of the first 270 buses. An additional 270 buses will replace existing vehicles over the following two years. The new CNG buses reduce nitrogen-oxide emissions by 97 percent. Using public transportation as an alternative to driving means less vehicles on the road, which translates into reduced daily carbon emissions.

Reposted from report by Jim Forsythe’s ‘On the Record,’ KLRN