VIA’s award-winning use of technology to advance a “modern transportation system” lauded

Cyber security expert, U.S. Congressman William Hurd (TX-23, above) and Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff (right) joined VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio Thursday to celebrate the role of innovation in modern transportation systems and how San Antonio is moving forward as a hub for smart transit. During the special visit, VIA highlighted its smart transit initiatives, announced a new dates – Feb. 22-24, 2019 – for its award-winning Codeathon event, and provided a demonstration of a new transit app developed by Codeathon competitors.

VIA’s smart transit initiatives are part of a modern transportation system envisioned by San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff. They include new customer payment and planning technology, investments in new bus technology for improved safety and convenience, and a now-annual Codeathon event that returns to the Trinity University Campus in February.

“Smart transit isn’t just about the future anymore. It’s here today with innovative concepts that integrate data, technology, and transportation for a better customer experience,” VIA President/CEO Jeffrey C. Arndt said, and thanked Congressman Hurd for and Judge Wolff for joining in the celebration. “VIA’s new payment and planning options, including our VIAtrans Online System, make it easier to access and enjoy our service. We look forward to continuing this discussion—about the value of investing in innovation—with our elected leaders and community as we move toward a more mobile future.”

San Antonio is now home to a national innovation award honoring the collaboration between VIA and the growing tech community, including tomorrow’s generation of coders and developers. The American Public Transportation Association awarded VIA its 2018 Innovation Award in September.