Essential Service Routes, health and safety measures will continue

VIA Metropolitan Transit will extend its fare-relief period through Sunday, May 31, 2020. Fare collection will begin again on Monday, June 1.

Online sales will resume through the free VIA goMobile ticketing app and at Customer information and ticket windows will reopen on Wednesday, May 20, for pass and ticket sales. Click on the Customer Service Centers tab on VIA’s Contact page.

The following health and safety measures will remain in place until further notice:

    • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures will continue for VIA buses, vans and facilities, including mid-day and overnight cleaning to ensure a safe space for customers and operators.
    • VIA will continue to maintain a “safe capacity” maximum load of 16 passengers at a time to promote social distancing and protect everyone on board. All passengers must be seated and exit through the rear door.
    • VIA will continue to operate its Essential Service Schedule that went into effect April 27, which adjusts bus routes and hours, moving several routes to a “Sunday” schedule and adding frequency to others that continue to see high ridership. For a detailed schedule list, please visit
    • VIA will continue to require all non-exempt passengers age 10 and older to wear a face covering to board a vehicle or access a VIA facility, where proper social distancing (6 feet apart) may not be possible. While supplies last, a face covering will be made available on vehicles for customers who do not have one. Staff and operators must also continue to wear a face covering while working or while at a VIA facility.
    • Temperature checks for all VIA employees entering a VIA facility will continue to ensure that staff members are healthy when interacting with the public.

VIA will continue to take these extra steps and monitor developments, along with recommendations from local, state and federal health officials, to determine if additional measures are needed. To learn more about what VIA is doing to keep customers and employees safe, please visit