Volunteer group takes Keep SA Moving Plan to the riders

Image: VIA Transit Community Council

VIA Transit Community Council members have lead the charge to inform riders at VIA Transit Centers about the Keep SA Moving plan.

The VIA Transit Community Council (VTCC), a volunteer advisory group for the region’s mobility provider, has been deployed to transit centers across San Antonio with information and resources for VIA customers and the community.

The organized effort includes outings to various transit hubs and digital discussions via livestreamed events on various local platforms—all designed to engage VIA riders in conversations about the Keep SA Moving Plan to connect more people to jobs and economic opportunities.

The Council was created in 2017 to serve as transit ambassadors and liaisons who provide community feedback on a variety of topics, including planning, potential growth, and community outreach. Members act in an advisory capacity to the VIA Board and engage with the public-at-large, the business community, and local civic organizations and stakeholders.

“VIA Transit Community Council members are helping to strengthen our connection to the public we serve, by having conversations, sharing information, and gathering feedback that we use to improve the customer experience,” VIA President/CEO Jeffrey C. Arndt said.

The group’s 16 active members were selected through an application and nomination process. It’s Chair, Dax Moreno, and Vice Chair, Adrianna Addicks, were appointed by the VIA Board of Trustees. Moreno is Chief Talent Officer at Tech Bloc, a local technology nonprofit. Addicks works for the Zayo Group, a multinational telecommunications corporation.

“When asked to serve as Chair for the VTCC, I recognized it as an opportunity to take part in a transformative moment for San Antonio and for VIA—to help affect meaningful, positive change for all the members of our communities,” Moreno said. “VTCC members are having daily conversations about the future of transit and VIA’s plan to provide smart, optimized transportation choices for all San Antonians.”

VTCC members represent diverse industries and interests, including civic organizations, business and economic development, technology and innovation, and the hospitality and tourism industry. Membership includes frequent riders, entrepreneurs, Armed Forces members, and members of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 694 that represents VIA drivers, mechanics, and maintenance workers.

Since March 2020, Community Council meetings have been held virtually to discuss issues affecting transit users, VIA initiatives, and council activity. Meeting agendas and links to join the public meetings are available on the VIA Meetings page.

“The VTCC represents VIA’s commitment to keep the community engaged and informed, to seeking out and including diverse voices, and being open to new ideas and perspectives,” said Akeem Brown, VIA Board Secretary and Board Liaison to the VTCC. “The work done by VTCC members is vital to VIA’s mission and the success of our transit system.”

New applications are being accepted for VTCC membership. The Committee’s areas of focus include:

◘ Proactively communicate the purpose, role and community impact of VIA/ATD

◘ Assess and build respect and credibility of VIA/ATD in the community as an essential and effective public utility

◘ Serve as enthusiastic transit ambassadors to strengthen lines of communication with the community at-large and provide feedback to the President/CEO and VIA/ATD board on opportunities and issues of concern

◘ Identify and advocate for opportunities to partner and leverage resources for shared vision projects

You can learn more about the VTCC and apply to become a member at VIAinfo.net/VTCC. Applications will be accepted through December 2, 2020.