VIA rider with mobile deviceThe new VIA goMobile + app is here! Riders can use the next-level app to plan and pay for trips on any VIA service beginning July 28.

The new “plus” version replaces the original goMobile app and offers the same convenient features you love—including contactless payment—plus updates that make it easier to ride.

Customers can download goMobile+ from the Apple or Google stores and create a new account in a few easy steps. Your old profile and any tickets purchased on the old app won’t transfer to the new app but you have until September 21 to use them before they’re expired.

The goMobile+ app features links to VIA Alerts (our new detour notification subscription system), the VIA Virtual Assistant, and trip planning.

What are the “PLUS” features?

• Improved user-friendly design in English and Spanish
• Expanded payment options that allow users to load value into the app with cash at hundreds of local retailers (Fall 2021)
• Stronger security features
• Fare-capping – single fares are capped when the cost of an unlimited-ride pass is reached (coming later)

Get to know goMobile +

• This new app lets VIA customers plan and pay for trips on any VIA service, including VIA bus, VIA Link, VIAtrans and Special Event Service. It will replace the original goMobile app and offer new, convenient features.
• The goMobile + app is free to download on Apple and Android devices, beginning July 28.
• Customers can continue using the previous goMobile app through September 1, 2021, to use existing purchases.
• Tickets are not transferable to the new app. For questions about app purchases, please visit or call 210-362-2020.