San Antonio Renews Partnership Funding to Continue Supporting Safe, Reliable Transit Options

The San Antonio City Council passed a $3.1 billion budget, its largest ever, for Fiscal Year 2022 that includes continued funding for VIA.

The following is a statement from VIA President and CEO Jeff Arndt:

September 17, 2021

Image: VIA President and CEO Jeff Arndt

Jeff Arndt

We thank the San Antonio City Council for their continued leadership and support for transit investments that improve the quality of life for every San Antonian. With their vote Wednesday, Council again affirmed their commitment to the people and businesses who rely on VIA to stay connected and keep our city moving forward.

Through our ongoing partnership and the renewed funding provided in the City’s General Fund, we can continue to invest in frequency improvements that help put more opportunities, more jobs, more resources within reach for more people.

VIA remains the least-funded major metro in Texas and billions of dollars behind our peer cities in transit development and infrastructure. The city’s funding commitment is key to preserving the lifeline that public transit provides, especially now as our community does the hard work of recovering from the social and financial impacts of the global pandemic.

As we continue to regain our ridership while restoring our workforce, we are appreciative of the supportive statements offered today by Council. Yes, VIA is an essential service for our community. Yes, we need to do more to be accessible to everyone. Today’s solid showing of support and the resulting investments will allow us to keep SA moving toward recovery.

Jeffrey C. Arndt
VIA President/CEO