Due to a nationwide paper shortage, VIA’s inventory of cards issued through the on bus farebox may be temporarily unavailable. This includes electronic transfer tickets and Day Passes.

Customers will be provided manual tickets for transfers and Day Passes during this time. This change will not impact the cost of the service or the benefits of the pass.

Whether a customer is requesting a transfer or buying a Day Pass, the operator will issue them a pass valid for the remainder of the service day. Riders will then be able to ride fare-free the rest of the day by simply presenting their pass to the bus or VIA Link operator on subsequent trips.

For overpayments of $1 dollar or more, please ask the bus operator for an overpayment card. Please present the overpayment card at a VIA Customer Service Center to receive change.

For a convenient payment option and faster boarding, customers are encouraged to buy VIA passes through the VIA goMobile+ app or on a VIA goCard.