Improved routes, more frequent service chart path for better bus system.

In September 2017, the City of San Antonio approved a budget funding allocation to improve bus frequency and reliability for VIA customers.

An investment of $4.3 million from the City’s General Fund in the FY18 budget will make it possible for VIA to significantly cut wait times on nine VIA routes and along five heavily-traveled corridors by May 2018.

These improvements are proposed for implementation in January 2018. Public hearings were held in September to collect community input on the planned enhancements. January Service Changes, which include other minor schedule and pairing changes and are pending approval from the VIA Board of Trustees.

“As we prepare to welcome roughly 1 million more people to our region over the next two decades, VIA will continue to be a good steward of its resources while building a stronger transit system to improve mobility and accessibility. We are thankful for the efforts of the entire City Council, City Manager, and vocal champions like Councilman Rey Saldaña, for supporting transit solutions and making local investment in public transportation a priority for our region.” — VIA President/CEO Jeff Arndt

Proposed changes* funded by City of San Antonio Budget Approval:

Proposed improvements that are being funded by the City of San Antonio investment in public transportation include the following routes to be enhanced to operate every 30 minutes on weekdays, 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.: 502, 602, 607, 611, 613, 615, 616, 617, 618.

Additionally, the following route schedules will be enhanced to operate every 12 minutes, weekdays, 6 a.m.–6 p.m.: 20, 26.
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Additional proposed changes* also will take effect in January 2018:

2 Blanco – Route will be modified to remove a segment on Loop 1604 from Blanco Road to Huebner Road.
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6 US-281 Express
– Service will be modified to operate every 30 minutes on weekdays during peak hours.

7 (New Route) – This new route will provide express service every 30 minutes between the new Stone Oak Park & Ride and downtown on weekdays during the peak morning and afternoon hours.
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 width=503 (New Route) – This new route will provide daily service every 30 minutes between the new Stone Oak Park & Ride and the Medical Center Transit Center.
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The following routes will have minor schedule changes: 2, 66, 68, 603, 604, 605, 606, 609, 612, 614, 619.

The following route pairs are proposed to be changed:

Current Pairs            Proposed Pairs

20-66                           20-26

26-68                           66-68

602-604                       602-607

603-605                       603-605-503

607-606                       604-606

611-612                       611-615

615-614                       612-614

* pending approval by VIA Board of Trustees at its monthly meeting on September 26, 2017.