Looking to do business with VIA? VIA and the Advanced Transportation District (ATD) always are seeking businesses and suppliers, and there are opportunities for vendors to provide goods and services, including fuel, bus parts, tires, professional services, printing, construction, and more.

Goods and services are procured in a manner that maximizes full and open competition, which brings value to VIA and the ATD and an ability to leverage the best resources in the marketplace. Supplier diversity increases VIA’s and the ATD’s access to creativity and innovation.

The Procurement Department is responsible for encouraging meaningful offers from all entities and increasing competition at reasonable expense. When appropriate, procurement transactions shall be conducted in a manner that provides for maximum competition consistent with Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

VIA’s Procurement Commitments and Procedures

• Ensure maximum, open and free competition.
• Provide prompt and courteous reception.
• Provide equal treatment to all suppliers, providers and their representatives.
• Provide equal opportunity for all suppliers and providers to participate in the solicitation process.
• Provide clear and full explanations to vendors for rejection of their bids/proposals.
• Guarantee the confidentiality of quotations and bids before bid opening.
• Remain free from obligations to any supplier or provider.

Visit the VIA Procurement Page for information and details on how to do business with VIA