Beginning Monday, June 8, VIA Link trips will have a “safe capacity” limit of two (2) riders per trip. This helps maintain social distancing and provides a safer space for everyone traveling.

Up to three (3) passengers may be allowed for passengers traveling with a companion, such as parents traveling with a child or VIAtrans customers with someone to assist them.

Once a VIA Link van has reached the limit, it can no longer accept new fares. A separate vehicle will be sent to pick up additional passengers in the area.

Face coverings are still required for all VIA customers and employees while on board a VIA vehicle or at a VIA facility,
where proper social distancing may not be possible.

VIA Link is an on-demand transit service available in VIA’s Northeast Zone. For more information about VIA Link, visit or call (210) 362-2020. To learn about the steps VIA is taking to keep our passengers and employees safe, visit