Image: Cooling StationsVIA Metropolitan Transit is offering fare-free service to City of San Antonio Cooling Centers beginning Saturday, May 7, 2022, as temperatures are expected to break the 100-degree mark over the weekend. Complimentary trips are available on any regular VIA, VIA Link or VIAtrans service for people who need a ride to a cooling center in their area.

The City will open 16 public cooling centers to adults 65 and older, children 4 and younger, people with existing medical conditions, and residents who do not have air conditioning. Visit the City of San Antonio Office of Emergency Management for more information or call 311 for assistance.

VIA passengers should inform the operator that they are traveling to a City cooling center when they board. VIAtrans customers will be allowed to make same-day reservations for cooling center destinations only. VIA continues to encourage riders to wear a mask when riding a bus or van.

VIA also recommends staying hydrated. Beverages are allowed on buses and vans in spill-proof or screw-top containers. Carrying an umbrella and dressing in loose or light-colored clothing also helps to keep cool.
To plan your trip with VIA, download the free VIA goMobile+ app, or call our GoLine at (210) 362-2020. VIAtrans customers can book their trip by calling (210) 362-5050 for assistance.